The Lady and The Peasant

Two girls, worlds apart, swap lives. One comes from a very wealthy family, lives the high life in the city, spends vacations at luxury resorts, buys designer clothes, and drives expensive cars. The other is a provincial girl who works hard and only catches glimpses of the glamourous life in magazines.  They swap houses, families, friends, and jobs for three days. How do they cope, plunging into an unfamiliar environment?  Can they live by someone else’s rules?  Will they love or loath their new life?


Trailer Coming Soon – Full Screeners Available. 

Genre: Reality, Entertainment, Format
Language: Ukranian, English Subs
Year: 2014-2016

Duration: 116 x 60 mins
Territory/Rights available: Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD