Camp 32

Hom Chhorn has a young family and a comfortable life in suburban Melbourne, yet remains wracked by childhood memories of the atrocities he witnessed as a boy. At age six, he was imprisoned at a remote site in rural Cambodia. There are no records of the labour camp where Hom bore witness to a daily succession of cruelty, starvation, disease and cold-blooded executions. After 33 years, Hom returns to his former homeland to shed light on Camp 32. Hom crisscrosses the country searching for survivors and leads. Frustrated and no closer to finding Camp 32, he flags a taxi to take him to the memorial stone of his father and brother. What happens next will change Hom’s life forever.


Genre: Factual, Culture
Language: English
Year: 2015

Duration: 70 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide (Excluding Australia & New Zealand)
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Seek Media Inc.


“Boy who lived brings Khmer Rouge out of the shadows”  Sydney Morning Herald, Lindsay Murdoch

“a spellbinding documentary” Bangkok Post, Alan Parkhouse

 Camp 32 is unmissable viewing”  RIGHT NOW , Samaya Borom