The story of a renegade Tokyo pro-wrestling league called the Doglegs, A handicapped janitor moonlights as a pro wrestler in an underground Tokyo league. After 20 years of glory, he’s ready to hang up his gloves- but first, he must defeat his able-bodied mentor. Meanwhile, a profoundly disabled man battles the bottle, and his clinically depressed carer battles his demons – in the ring. As our hero’s big match draws near, Doglegs challenges audiences to ask: what is disability…and who gets to decide?

Set against the backdrop of this impending showdown, the film takes us on an extraordinary journey inside the lives and loves of five prominent Doglegs members, battling to claim their place in the world.

Genre: Documentary, Sports, Biopic, Reality
Language: Japanese with English subtitles
Year: 2015

Duration: 90 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Asia, Australia, New Zealand
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Directed by: Heath Cozen