Gods of Rice

Synopsis: The Gods of Rice is a unique visual and character portrait of rice – the world’s most important grain. Filmed in the Ifugao, Philippines and Bali, we explore the rich culture and tapestry of rice. For thousands of years, the use of rice as food has shaped landscapes and history, given birth to civilizations and invoked the Gods. The Gods of Rice explores the traditional relationship between man, god and the sacred rice grain. And raises the question of what the future holds for rice in this century.

Awards & Nominations

  • Gods of Rice won the Best Cinematography and Best Editing awards at the 2006 Moonrise Festival in the Philippines.
  • Jack David Eller of the Community College of Denver for the Anthropology Review Database:
    ” “Gods of Rice” is a very informative and enjoyable piece of filmmaking. It raises many worthwhile issues, not only the relation between science and tradition but also the struggle between tradition and modern globalized life and finally the boundary between horticulture and intensive agriculture. This is a film that I would use in my introductory course when talking about economic systems, as well in my course on the anthropology of religion.”

Genre: History, Factual, Documentary
Language: English
Year: 2005

Duration: 60 Mins
Territory/Rights available: co/Terranoa
Formats Available: –
Show Format: SD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals  Co