How To Raise A Super Baby

Parents want their babies to be super smart, super talented and super successful…and there is a multi-billion-dollar industry of products and services promising all that. How do we navigate this confusing landscape of scientific claims and conflicting fads to find out what claims actually deliver?

Peter Davis – MMA fighter with two young kids – is a father who is ‘tough’ to convince. But armed with surprising insight into a baby’s development, he is going to dive deep and sort out what works and what’s just hype.


Genre: Documentary, Health & Technology
Language: English
Year: 2018

Duration: 3 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – How To Raise A Super Smart Baby
0 to 3 – the years when our brains grow the most, and the fastest! It’s the best time to make our baby smart, from feeding them premium milk powder to signing them up for enrichment classes. But do these things really work?

Episode 2 – How To Raise A Super Advanced Baby
Can you hack a baby’s growth? Peter heads to South Korea, where parents shell out billions to max out their babies’ potential. Will chiropractic sessions or baby facials make them fitter or prettier? And how long do these benefits actually last?

Episode 3 – How To Raise A Super Prepared Baby
Can you start preparing your child for career success at age 3? Peter travels to ultra-competitive China to find out how the formative years of 3 to 7 could be the best time to shape your child into a charming CEO or top super star.