Let Me Tell You A Story

These are the stories of the oldest and last surviving historians among us, vividly brought to life through animation, reenactments and archives. Hear the memories of a time gone by, told by a generation who grew up in a completely different Singapore nearly 100 years ago.


Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Year: 2023

Duration:  2 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD

Part 1 

Welcome to a bygone Singapore that we barely see traces of today. From climbing coconut trees to catching crabs by the sea, these childhood stories capture intimate glimpses of life in the 1930s and 40s and how the island was upended by the war.

Part 2

Singapore in the 50s and 60s suffered growing pains – from disease to overcrowding to a population boom. Hear the stories of grit and survival from those who experienced them as they recall living in an era of nightsoil men, folk remedies, and streets filled with cattle.