Life’s Rituals

Anywhere around the world, we are essentially experiencing the same 4 key moments in a lifetime: birth, coming of age, love union, and death. But the way each of those moments are celebrated varies from one culture and one religion to another.  A very high end, noble series!



Genre: Info-Ed, Culture, Travel
Language: French, English Subs
Year: 2017-2018

Duration: 8 x 60 mins
Territory/Rights available: Asia, Middle East
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Quiet Motion

  1. United States – Baptism according to American pagan practice
  2. United Kingdom- Hypnobirth
  3. India- Mundan 1st haircut
  4. Kyrgyzstan- Bechikke Saluu (Cradle Ceremony)
  5. Cuba- Double Baptism ( Catholic & Yoruba )
  6. Morocco – Birth Party with the sacrifice of a sheep
  7. Israel – Redemption of the 1st son
  8. Peru – Partera ( Birth with a midwife)
  9. Cambodia – Toumleah dai tchankrane (Baptism)
  10. Philippines – Catholic birth with prayers to the mother