No Ordinary Family

In NO ORDINARY FAMILY, we meet some of Singapore’s most iconic families. Their names are found in Singapore’s history books – but who are the Tangs, Jumabhoys, Aljunieds, Sarkies, Yongs and Eus? How did they build some of the country’s most iconic places and institutions while raising their families? In NO ORDINARY FAMILY, we enter a world of love, devotion, power and ambition. Find out how their uniquely Singaporean stories define each family.



Genre: Biography, Factual
Language: English

Duration:  6 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Year: 2016
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co

Broadcaster: Channel 5, Singapore Terrestrial


Episode 1 – Tangs
This is the colourful story of the Tangs, Orchard Road’s oldest retail family. How did CK Tang build an empire from his iconic green-tiled store? We reveal the ups and downs his family has faced over 80 years and their integrity has brought the family success – as well as unexpected challenges.

Episode 2 – Jumahboys
Rajabali Jumabhoy was a successful trader and one of Singapore’s founding fathers. His son Ameerali brought the family business to greater heights. However, in the 1990s, the family became engaged in a legal struggle that threatened everything. Now, they’ve broken their silence to share their story.

Episode 3 – Eus
Eleven wives and grand castles – the life and times of tin mine tycoon Eu Tong Sen were befitting of a billionaire. However, his death would change everything, with his estate split up among his huge family. It would take an enterprising grandson to rescue and rebuild his grandfather’s legacy.

Episode 4 – Aljunieds
Syed Omar Aljunied arrived from Yemen at the personal invitation of Sir Stamford Raffles. He soon became one of the country’s largest landowners.  We find out how the Aljunieds’ legacy has evolved as they stayed on in Singapore, and how they created their own sense of belonging.

Episode 5 – Sarkies
The Armenian Sarkies brothers were the finest hoteliers in all of Southeast Asia, building the Grand Old Dame herself, the famed Raffles Hotel, and the E & O hotel in Penang. But not long after their initial success, their fortunes changed drastically, leaving others to keep the name alive.

Episode 6 – Yongs
Yong Yit Lin fled China to avoid certain death. In a new land, his honesty and hard work led him to take on construction jobs beyond his wildest dreams. But an assassination changed everything. Today, his sons have made his business Woh Hup the biggest player in Singapore’s construction industry.