On The Red Dot – Chef Mission

Celebrity chef Robin Ho heads beyond our tiny island to track down Singaporeans living and working for social good in remote locations and harsh conditions around Asia. We follow Robin’s journey of discovery as he learns about their mission to make a positive impact in their underprivileged communities. Robin’s mission in return – to replenish their hearts and stomachs with long missed flavours of home.

Genre: Documentary, Social Interest
Language: English
Year: 2018

Duration: 4 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Thailand
Chef Robin Ho journeys to the heart of Thailand to meet Daryl Tay who has been running a children’s shelter in Thailand. He comes face to face with the horrific toll that poverty and drug addiction is taking on the community.

Episode 2 – India
This week, Chef Robin Ho makes an emotional journey to one of the poorest states in India to meet a Singaporean who has turned his ancestral home into a safe harbor for children. In the past two decades, Ravi Rai has rescued over 2,000 destitute children, including runaways and glue sniffers – and in the process, transformed their lives.

Episode 3 – Malaysia
Chef Robin Ho journeys to a remote island off Sabah and meets Singapore PR Alexander Yee who is fighting to save the island’s endangered sea turtles. But it’s a race time as poachers steal the eggs from the beaches and sell them in plain sight despite a government ban.

Episode 4 – Vietnam
In the final episode of Chef Mission, Chef Robin Ho travels to Vietnam to meet Poh Wei Ye, a Singaporean who’s been living there the past 8 years. After the death of his mother, Poh Wei Ye found solace in helping destitute communities in Vietnam. He manages an orphanage for abandoned children and runs projects to help the needy in remote villages. But with his savings running dry, his family’s future in Vietnam is uncertain.