Have you ever dreamed of staying in a Dwarfs’ village, becoming an astronaut, drive a tank, flirt with a mermaid, meet Jesus in person or shout out in the highest roller coaster on the planet? All this is possible with PARK-O-NUTS, a documentary series in sixteen episodes which explores the crazy world of theme parks worldwide.



Genre: Factual Entertainment, Travel
Language: French – English dubbed version available for season 1
Year: 2017

Duration: Season 1 – 8 Episodes x 60 Minutes  / Season 2 – 8 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Asia (Including Middle East, Central Asia, India & China)
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Quiet Motion

Episodic Synopsis

Season 1

Episode 1 – Good Kisses from Russia: Karosta Prison (Latvia) & Soviet Bunker (Lithuania)
In this episode, Olivier introduces us to a simulation of imprisonment and immersion in a bunker, where the laws of the totalitarian Soviet regime are in the spotlight. Welcome to Parconaute.

Episode 2 – Aquanaut: Theater of the Sea (USA) & Weeki Wachee (USA)
In this episode, Olivier explores the Florida marine world, where to become a mermaid, swim with dolphins and tame sharks is finally possible.

Episode 3 – Back to Childhood: Parc Asterix (France) & Legoland (Germany)
In this episode, Olivier falls back into childhood and rediscovers the essential of his youth in life size: the game Lego and the world of Asterix.

Episode 4 – Adrenaline: Europa Park (Germany) & Thorpe Park (UK)
In this episode, Olivier leads us to ultimate thrills while twirling in the most extreme amusement parks in Europe.

Episode 5 – Living history: Edo Wonderland (Japan) & Puy du fou (France)
In this episode, it is through gallic cascades and a ninja apprentice class that Olivier relives two great historical periods.

Episode 6 – Horror: Village Hante (Canada) & Zombie Experience (UK)
In this episode, Olivier jumps at the attack of horror figures in a haunted village in Quebec and has to fight an invasion of zombies in England.

Episode 7 – Western: Dollywood (USA) & Old Tombstone (USA)
In this episode, Olivier meets the country spirit of Dolly Parton and American outlaws who handle lasso and rifle faster than their shadows.

Episode 8 – Extraordinary: Kingdom of the little people (China) & World of Wonders (USA)
In this episode, Olivier visits the world of the spectacular, where being very small and having an unusual talent is frankly hilarious.

Season 2

Episode 1 – And God created…a park!: Ark Encounter (USA) & Nazareth Village (Israel)
In this episode, Olivier demonstrates faith during his biblical immersion in the village of Nazareth and on Noah’s Ark.

Episode 2 – Raise your weapon!: Gruppo Storico Romano (Italy) & Drive a Tank (USA)
In this episode, Olivier storms the art of combat by training to become a Roman gladiator and driving his own tank.

Episode 3 – The future is now: Futuroscope (France) & U.S Space Rocket (USA)
In this episode, Olivier travels in the future, in orbit of two different theme parks that make him experience sensual experiences frankly unusual.

Episode 4 – A park in my garden: Ai Pioppi (Italy) & Waterworks (New Zealand)
In this episode, Olivier crinque himself his rides in theme parks made 100% homemade.

Episode 5 – Once upon a time: Adlabs Imagica (India) & Efteling (Netherlands)
In this episode, Olivier travels to Wonderland and meets the most famous characters of fairy tales.

Episode 6 – Ancestors: Tamaki Maori Village (New Zealand) & Fotevikens Museum (Sweden)
In this episode, Olivier interferes in two ancestral tribes where traditions are at the heart of the phratry.

Episode 7 – Behind the scenes: Ramoji Film City (India) & Filmpark Babelsberg (Germany)
In this episode, Olivier unveils the biggest secrets of the big screen by visiting behind the scenes of Indian and German cinema.

Episode 8 – No park without fans: Duche de Bicolline (Canada) & The College of Wizardry (Poland)
In this episode, Olivier wields foam swords and magic wands during his absolute immersion in the world of life-size games.