The Big Turnaround

The best businessmen are mavericks at heart. They seek to reinvent themselves, their product and business operations in order to stand apart from the competition. The Big Turnaround looks at 10 such SMEs that have re-written the textbook on surviving and thriving in uncertain times.


Genre: Documentary, Business
Language: English
Year: 2016

Duration: 5 Episodes x 30 Minutes
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Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Crazy Ideas Are The Only Ideas That Work
Two companies proved their critics wrong by building their businesses on unconventional ideas. Japan’s 9H Capsule Hotel’s swanky design and facilities switch up people’s idea of capsule hotels. While Thailand’s Tao Kae Noi transforms the humble seaweed into a snack loved by fans the world over.

Episode 2 – I Like Road Blocks, They Help Me Find A Better Way
Two companies tap on an age-old idea and expand on it. Kaikado takes the 141-year old tea canister and make it relevant and trendy for the younger generation. While GoJek revolutionised Indonesia’s motorbike taxi service with a mobile booking app.

Episode 3 – Don’t Change The Product, Change The Market
Two industry pioneers continue to dominate the market after decades in the business. Phuket’s first and only hotelier the Thavorn Group is now one of the island’s most popular luxury hotel chains. In India, FabIndia has built its web following while staying true to its eco-friendly and socially-responsible business practices.

Episode 4 – Delivering Food To Customers, Our Way
Two food companies gain a massive following through a deep understanding of the market they serve. India-based Faasos has transformed into a food-on-demand service from a small joint selling wraps; while J.Co Donuts appeals to a younger, more image-conscious crowd in Indonesia.

Episode 5 – It’s Not All About The Money
Two local businesses thrive in a market dominated by big foreign players. Instead of competing against big sporting brands, Thailand’s FBT focuses on making their products affordable for the masses. While Elegance Hospitality Group works towards being the leader in the boutique hotel industry in Vietnam.