Work.Able is an observational documentary about young adults with special needs adjusting to work life. We follow seven profiles of different backgrounds but with one common goal – to prepare themselves to integrate into society and join the workforce. As they leave the safe environment of school and navigate through the working world, will they ever find true acceptance? We hear from them as they share their dreams, personal struggles, and how society addresses their needs. 



Genre: Current Affairs, People, Society
Language: English
Year: 2021

Duration: 6 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Am I Different?
Meet Nasir, Ashraf, Ain and Shahir –  four individuals with learning differences who have graduated from MIJ Hub, a school for special needs. To transition from school to work, they must earn their keep at Ashraf’s cafe.

From working in the kitchen to serving customers – we explore what it takes for people with special needs to work in a service job. Now and then, tensions arise as they struggle to communicate with difficult customers, and we show the public’s honest treatment of them. Will they be able to meet the needs of a fast-paced and demanding society, or will they crack under the pressure?  We find out how they will manage.

Episode 2 – Struggling with Obsessions
We take a look at the challenges special needs individuals go through when they are faced with a society that has little knowledge about their condition.

Zi Hao and Hakim are both diagnosed with autism. Being unaware of social norms and boundaries has gotten them into trouble. Zi Hao’s obsession with ATM machines had him arrested twice by the police. He was sent to the Institute of Mental Health as well.  Similarly, Hakim’s obsession with taking photographs of cars and people has seen him confronted by the public on several occasions. He was threatened and asked to delete the photographs to avoid further legal action.

We dive into how MIJ Hub integrates their students to the society, teaching them how to communicate with the public and guiding them on the dos and don’ts in the public in order to get them ready for the workforce in the future.

Episode 3 – Find Me A Job
Donnervan is living with autism. He has been staying at home for the past 2 years after graduating from ITE College East. Unable to find employment despite having a diploma, his mother enrolled him in MIJ Hub. She hopes that the school will teach him new vocational skills and give him a chance to try out different things and spark his interest towards a future career path.

In contrast, MIJ graduate Faiz has quit yet another job in a fast-food chain and is now on a lookout for other opportunities in hospitality.   After trying several jobs without much success, can he settle down and find the right one?

Meanwhile, Mdm Fara the MIJ principal has to intervene when an employee does not show up punctually for work.

Episode 4 – When Dreams Meet Reality
Zi Hao, Donnervan and Hakim attend a hotel housekeeping workshop organised by Singapore Hospitality Institute. The workshop gives them a chance to experience day-to-day tasks like making beds.  Who among them will excel – and who will struggle?

Meanwhile, Shahir dreams of becoming a sound engineer in the future. He reaches out to Yazzit, a studio owner who is willing to give him a shot at trying out.

The WRAP students take part in different roleplay sessions to familiarize them with frontline serving at the cafe. Hakim interns for the first time in the kitchen. Can he cope with the new responsibilities?

Episode 5 – I Want To Hire But…

After Ashraf was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis and Autism, Ashraf’s family found it hard to cope with his behaviour and with their day job. Mdm Fara quit her job to take care of Asharf and also to start MIJ Education Hub in hopes that the centre will provide a home for many individuals like Ashraf.

Three students with special needs continue their workshop at Amara Hotel. Instructor  Andy will be assessing them on their capability on housekeeping work.

Meanwhile, Faiz found himself a job at Yummy Takoyaki. With the fast paced environment ahead of him, will he be able to cope with the training and back end work of the cafe?

Episode 6 – Do I Have A Future?

Nasir was diagnosed with Autism, he struggles to keep eye contact with people when communicating. Fathah decides to put him through an eye contact therapy with the aim of gradually improving his eye contact capabilities.

MIJ faces financial struggle as they have to provide financial assistance to more students who are joining MIJ. The school is running tight on funds to keep the school operational. They are moving forward to rebrand MIJ in order to completely convert into a non-profit organisation.

Shahir goes back to the jamming studio for the last time to mix a song for a new formed band. He hopes to prove that he can produce a good audio mix and earn a chance for an internship.