World’s Laugh

Laughter, and especially what makes people laugh, is highly revealing of the culture we live in. Historically, humor is a good way to measure a healthy society. Everywhere we laugh, but rarely for the same reasons. World Laughs looks at these specifics all around the world.
Led by different host, each episode of World Laughs offers a rich journey through the global adventure of laugh. As meeting with laughter from around the globe, sociologists or stand-up comedians, the series attempts to understand different cultures though what makes them laugh.



Genre: Info-Ed, Culture, Travel
Language: French, English Subs
Year: 2016-2017

Duration: 20 x 60 mins
Territory/Rights available: Asia, Middle East
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Quiet Motion

1. United Kingdom- Pierre Brassard
2. Belgium- Chantal Lamarre
3. India- Yves P. Pelletier
4. France- Valerie Blais
5. Morocco- Francois Perusse
6. United States- Francois Morency
7. China- Jean-Michel Anctil
8. Japan- Edith Cochrance
9. Haiti- Mario Jean
10. Mexico- Francois Massicotte
11. Italia- Julie Le Breton
12. Greece- Marc Labreche
13. Israel- Leane Labreche D’Or
14. Germany- Norman Brathwaite
15. Denmark- Katherine Levac
16. Russia- Francois Bellefeuille
17. Thailand- Sylvain Larocque
18. Argentina- Laurent Paquin
19. South Africa- Emmanuel Bilodeau
20. Senegal- Nabila Ben Youssef