Write Of Passage

Diana Ser meets a motley crew of Singaporeans, with one thing in common – they can’t read or write. These are the real stories of people in Singapore who struggle to read and write in English, well into adulthood.

Diana Ser gather these Singaporeans, and give them the expert help they need over three months. This motley crew include a young engineer, an ex-gang member, a stroke victim, a hotel staffer who speaks fluent English and a mother concerned that her illiteracy is affecting her daughter.


Genre: Documentary, Social Issues, Literacy 
Language: English
Year: 2021

Duration: 3 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – They Who Can’t Read
Diana Ser finds out how her motley crew of working-adults, illiterate in English, cope in a largely English-speaking environment and realises they are hiding their shame from friends and colleagues. 

Episode 2 – Shedding Years Of Shame
Midway through their lessons, Diana Ser challenges her crew of illiterates to put up a play. One of them faces resistance from an unexpected quarter, but other receives support from a surprise guest.

Episode 3 – What’s The Score?
Our five illiterate adults tackle their final goals! From singing in English to writing a love letter, catch the heart-warming moments as they show us just how much progress they have made in 3 months.