This is definitely NOT business as usual!

Host, Nikki Muller uncovers some of the most creative business ideas in Asia. Country by country she digs out the most wacky, fun and ingenious products, services and companies in the region.



Genre: Factual, Culture, Business
Language: English
Year: 2011

Duration: 6 Episodes  x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: SEA, New Zealand & Australia
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Xtreme Media


Episode 1: Japan
Japan is known for its cutting –edge technology and its off-beat idiosyncrasies. Trendspotting heads to Tokyo to discover some of the creative new ideas that entrepreneurs have developed.

Episode 2: Taiwan
Trendspotting travels to Taiwan to check out businesses that are offering innovative new ideas to help with healthy living and environmental sustainability.

Episode 3: Australia
We head Down Under as Trendspotting explores some of the business ideas that caters to an outdoors lifestyle in Australia.

Episode 4: Hong Kong
Trendspotting travels to Hong Kong as we check out the new businesses that were developed to help cope with fast-paced city life.

Episode 5: India
India is one of the fastest developing economies in the world, and entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative new ideas to meet the needs of the increasingly modernised youth of the country. Trendspotting investigates.

Episode 6: Singapore
We come full circle as Trendspotting heads to Singapore to check out what creative businesses entrepreneurs have developed to stay at the forefront of innovation.