Kembara Kasih

KEMBARA KASIH is much more than just a conventional travelogue. The series takes our celebrity host, Dalina Jaapar, to an experiential journey through the daily lives of slum dwellers. Through the portrayal of life in destitute, light is shed on the social issues such as the lack of emphasis on education and unsanitary living conditions. Such groups all over the world have also been misunderstood, discriminated against and neglected by society for far too long. As we become witnesses to social injustices and concerns, Kembara Kasih hopes to move the audience to act and show support for these communities. Experience her joys, fears and tears as we watch her volunteer with fellow Singaporean volunteers to accomplish challenging tasks at the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Genre: Science, Health & Culture
Language: Malay with English subtitles
Year: 2014 – 2020

Duration: 17 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Filmat36 Pte Ltd

Episodic Details


Episode 1- Manila, The Philippines (Education)
Dalina makes a visit to one of the most difficult slums in the world – ‘Ulingan’ in Manila, where children have to work in smoggy charcoal factories and not go to school. Dalina tries encourage one little boy to go to school.

Episode 2- Bali, Indonesia (Medical Services)
In the land of a thousand temples, Bali, Dalina joins a charity medical team that helps superstitious locals to accept treatment for curable ailments such as cataract blindness and cleft lip & palate.

Episode 3- Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Innovation / Recycling)
In Phnom Penh, Dalina joins villagers in Phnom Penh and appreciates their simple way of living, but soon discover how inexpensive innovations can help better their living conditions.

Episode 4- Hanoi, Vietnam (Urban Poverty)
Dalina discovers that the best way to get children off the street in Hanoi is not to give them money, but teach them how to earn money. She also visits a floating slum area where most of these street children come from.


Episode 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Kembara Kasih visits different countries to explore and pull for five different charitable causes. Captured as a personal account through first-hand experiences and the touching stories of real locals, Dalina will be sent to complete a different mission in each country. Dalina is accompanied by Singaporean volunteer in each episode. Dalina gets to know these volunteers personally and be inspired by their stories of what made them so passionate..


Our Host boards the world’s first hospital train, The Lifeline Express at Mirzapur. Our Host jumps straight into helping with outpatient ear screenings, meeting a deaf patient who has been selected for surgery to restore hearing.  Our Host also helps volunteers distribute free toothbrush and toothpaste packs.

Episode 2- ORBIS FLYING EYE HOSPITAL (PLANE) in Yaoundé, Cameroon
Our Host boards the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital at Yaounde. This is the world’s first fully equipped mobile teaching hospital where our Host and local doctors, watch the live feed of an operation to correct crossed-eyes patient. Our Host also assists with eye screening and meets patient whose sight is restored with surgery.

Episode 3- ASSAM’S BOAT CLINICS (RIVER BOAT) in North east India
For millions of people living on the secluded islands of the majestic Brahmaputra River in Assam, boat clinics are their lifeline. Our Host together with volunteers board one of the boat clinics, to reach isolated communities notorious, helping to set up a camp to educate women on maternal health, pregnancy tests and general check-ups.

Episode 4- MERCY SHIP in Douala, Cameroon
Our Host travels to Douala, Cameroon where the Mercy Ship is docked. On board, our Host witnesses the lifesaving operation on a patient with a facial tumour and other patients who are waiting to be treated. To appreciate the volunteers’ efforts, our Host shares and teaches our Malay cultural games and arts during a farewell party at the end of the mission.


Episode 1- Philippines (Child Sex Exploitation)
In this episode, let us join Dalina and our volunteer, Gurdev, following PREDA Foundation in an operation to rehabilitate rescued child victims. Witness the children release their frustrations and pain by banging themselves on the wall, yelling and crying. How do the counselors help these children overcome their trauma, transform them and eventually, empower them to live independent lives?

Episode 2- Nepal (Child from the Jail)
In this episode, we are joining Early Child Development Centre (ECDC) in Nepal to rescue the young children from the jail. Witness how our host and volunteer, Liyana, bring joy and hope to these children. We also meet with a grown-up from ECDC who has transformed and moved forward.

Episode 3- Korea (Abandon Child)
In this episode, Dalina and volunteer, Atiqah, will visit Baby Box, a NGO that help children who are victim of abandon. They will also meet with Ms Park of Shin Mang Won orphanage that has children from the baby box, how they bring up the children, educate and discipline them? Our team also joins hands with KUMFA, a group of volunteers to create awareness to help the unwed mother to build self-confident and move on in life.

Episode 4- Dhanusha, Nepal and India Border (Child Marriage)
In this episode, our host and volunteer, Nasim, will meet a local NGO that has been working to prevent child marriages through a multipronged approach involving the community, family and the children. They will attend a wedding ceremony and find out how this happened and how someone who has ran away from this tradition has become independent and contributing back to the community.