Mr. Mat Noh is a Science teacher at East Bedok High School. He’s renowned for his interesting experiments but he also made headline news two years back for almost burning down the lab.  Hoping to win the National Racial Harmony Challenge competition, he enlists three good looking students from different races – Omar, Michael Ong and Guna (hence the show’s title OMG). They only see the competition seriously as a way to finally find out what type of experiment Mr. Mat Noh conducted that caused the explosion.

Meeting with the three students, Mr. Mat Noh has to leave them alone to attend to an emergency. They find his diary labelled Top Secret – XTB and in it, the experiment which they try out.  It leads to an explosion of orange smoke that causes the students to ‘swap’ bodies. OMG! Kita tukar badan! Annoying though it is, the experience brings them closer together, and makes them appreciate and understand each other’s culture and lifestyle. But Mr Mat Noh must find the ‘antidote’ and he’s worried that if he takes too long the process won’t be able to be reversed.

Genre: Kids, Drama
Language: Malay, English Subs
Year: 2013

Duration: 8 x 30mins
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD

Produced by: DV Studios

Broadcasters: Suria Channel, Mediacorp Singapore