Potret is a heartwarming series featuring the previously untold and unseen stories of those who have often gone unnoticed in our society. From tissue sellers to cardboard collectors, Potret will bring the audience into their everyday realities through the eyes of our Host, Suzaihe, and behind the lens of a camera.

Through jobs, which many shun, our profiles found a sense of purpose, self-empowerment and a fierce sense of independence. Potret will delve intimately into their motivations and capture their joy and hope.


Genre: People & Culture
Language: Malay with English subtitles
Year: 2017

Duration: 8 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Filmat36 Pte Ltd

Episodic Details

At Toa Payoh Industrial Park, 9 to 10 cents per kg is the daily reality for cardboard collector, Ah Yang.  She starts collecting cardboard from shops, near bins and alleyways along Toa Payoh. She collects cardboard for a living and to support her brothers. How does Ah Yang go through this hardship?

Mohammad Isa Saat lost his job in 2009 after losing his leg in a car accident. He had to turn to selling tissue for a living. He went through struggled with embarrassment and negative stereotypes. How does Mr Isa cope with the negative stereotypes by others?

Yamaguchi Taro has been a street cobbler for more than 20 years. At 12, Yamaguchi became a shoe-making apprentice to help support his poor family. What motivates Mr Yamaguchi to keep persevering despite successive failures?

Episode 4- MASSEUR
Ismail Akbar Abdullah a blind masseur at Bedok. He lost his sight at the age of 14. He has never given up and with the help of his wife, his lives with gratefulness. What did he encounter over the years and how he overcomes them? How his love and responsibilities bond the family closer.

Episode 5- ICE CREAM MAN
Chua Kheng Lee was a taxi driver but when SARS attacked, his business turned sour. By accident, he partnered his wife to start a new business – sell ice cream. What are the challenges and how he overcomes them? He follow the trend and posted his business on social media, how he transforms?

Episode 6- BUSKERS
Mashruddin Saharuddin and his son Nizaruddin Mashruddin have been performing outside Tampines MRT Station for the past 11 years. Visually impaired, Mr Masruddin, makes his living through music. How has the duo managed to carve a career for themselves out of busking and performing on the streets?

Mr Lee Yoon Tong, the remaining only 2 or 3 street barbers left in Singapore. He is one of the earliest immigrants and apart from surviving the war time, his parents were concerned about his future and encouraged him to pick up the barber skill. This is not an easy task but how did he gone through the hardship and what makes him preserving this traditional skill and providing his service along the alley?

49 years-old Sarah Binti Ismail cleans the toilet at Bedok, a job she has been doing for just a month. Cleaning toilet is not an easy job but how Sarah took up this job and make the toilet clean. How did she overcome the fear of this ‘dirty’ job and has she ever thought of quitting it?