Business As Usual

Can money buy everything? From hair, manure to time, if someone sees its value, anything can be a commodity. “Business As Usual” explores the unique trades of the world, uncovering why they have emerged and revealing how they closely intertwine with societal changes and human nature.

是不是只要有钱,什么都买得到?无论是头发、粪便、时间或尊严,只要有需求,就有市场,一切都可以交易。《买卖》节目探讨各地奇特 的买卖与交易链。买卖双方如何进行交易?为什么市场上会出现如此奇异 的需求?这又突显了现代社会怎么样奇特的社会现像、文化习俗与人性?


Genre: Documentary, Factual
Language: Chinese
Year: 2018
Duration: 7 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co

Awards: Best Info-Ed Programme at STAR AWARDS 2019

Episodic Details

Episode 1- Manila (马尼拉 (菲律宾)):
In an environment without resources, slum residents come up with unimaginable businesses to survive. From leftover meat (Pagpag), slum tours, recycled garbage to street performances, this episode shows you extreme poverty and how it creates different kinds of commodities in the slums of Manila.

贫民窟向来是资源缺乏的地方,在这样的困难环境底下,为了生存而衍生了各式各样意想不到的买卖。从回收肉pagpag, 贫民窟观光,垃圾回收,以及训练小狗街头卖艺,看看极度的贫穷,如何催生出马尼拉贫民窟的各种另类买卖。

Episode 2- New York (纽约 (美国)):
Breast milk is the most organic form of nutrition for babies and America is one of the few countries where breast milk is sold legally. Some mothers buy breast milk from the milk bank, others sell their milk online. This episode takes us to America to see the process of buying and selling breast milk.


Episode 3- Seoul (首尔 (韩国)):
With intense competition and long working hours in South Korea, ways to relieve stress have become new businesses. More people are now willing to pay for quirky ways to de-stress. This episode will explore new businesses like ASMR, “eating broadcast”, oxygen capsule cafes and hiring homemakers.

韩国社会竞争大、工作时间长, 如何纾解压力正在发展成为韩国新兴行业!越来越多人愿意付钱消费各种奇特方法,换来一次情绪和压力的解放,本集将深入吃播镜头背后的生活和故事、观看者心态,以及整理师通过整理房子舒缓屋主忧郁不安情绪等交易,探讨韩国各种不同的“纾压”买卖。

Episode 4- Beijing / Hangzhou (北京/杭州 (中国)):
In China, you can find any kind of “customised services” online, from running an errand for you, to proposing to your girlfriend on your behalf. These new services have improved consumers’ quality of life and opened up a new market. How will these services impact our lives in the future?


Episode 5- Tokyo (东京 (日本)):
In Japan’s highly stressful environment, people lead lonely yet appearance-based lives, and this has created a demand for a “human rental” company. These professional actors can play as a client’s family member, a friend and even a sleeping partner. What’s the deal behind these rental services?


Episode 6- Sichuan, JiangSu (四川/江苏 (中国)):
In China, there are businessmen who can turn a panda’s faeces, cockroaches, maggots and insects into highly valuable items. These astute businessmen can suss out a profit opportunity in things that are normally deemed repulsive.

如果你能将原本无价值的东西,转换成可挣钱的商品。那你绝对是这宗买卖的赢家! 在中国有商人将熊猫的粪便,蟑螂、蝇蛆和害虫经加工后,成为高经济价值的商品。原来在商家的眼里只有利益,恶心与否根本不重要!

Episode 7- Hong Kong (香港):
The exacerbating housing woes in Hong Kong have spawned innovative business models. There’s a market now for housing guided tours, cremated ashes hotels, Murder House trading, niches to green funerals. The enterprising minds of the Hong Kong people have also sussed out business opportunities in the buying and selling of animal furs of pets and expired products.