Everyday Extraordinary

Everyday Extraordinary takes an intimate look at the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives all around the world. How do these individuals strive to carve out a life for themselves? What challenges do they face in each unique stage of their journey?

Traversing different countries within a timeframe of 24 hours, each episode paints a portrait of the world we live in through the everyday lives of our four profiles.


Genre: Info-Ed, People, Lifestyle, Culture
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2022

Duration: 10 Episodes x 60 Minutes
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Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Focus on ages below 10
How do our childhood experiences shape the people we become? Hear the extraordinary stories of four children living in different cities around the world, including a burns survivor in Taiwan, a young Cambodian girl helping her grandmother run a roadside stall, a mathematical prodigy in Singapore, and a child influencer in the Philippines.


Episode 2 – Focus on ages 10 and above
What different experiences does the age of youth bring? In this episode, meet a teenager who risks his life as a gold miner in the Philippines, a young Taiwanese inventor, a Singaporean indoor skydiver, and a Cambodian teenage mother who was thrusted into the world of adulthood at a young age

菲律宾少年从事危险的淘金工作。台湾少年是拥有4 项专利的发明家。新加坡少年飞行员是少见的室内跳伞运动员,而生长在柬埔寨落后村落的女孩才16岁就已提早进入大人的世界。不同命运把四个少年带往不同的方向。

Episode 3 – Focus on ages 20 and above
How do individuals around the world navigate the early years of adulthood? Hear the joys and struggles of our four profiles in their 20s, including a community worker at a floating clinic, a mountain guide in China, a girl who helps run an electronic flower car in Taiwan, and an aspiring pageant queen in the Philippines.


Episode 4 – Focus on ages 30 and above
Follow the journey of these four individuals in their thirties: a ninja gardener protecting the temples of Angkor Wat, a 39-year-old living sustainably in Hong Kong’s countryside, a passionate circus arts performer, and a wildlife rescuer dedicating his life to the protection of wild animals.

柬埔寨忍者园丁徒手攀爬古老庙宇。香港野人 选择搬到郊区生活。台湾青年认为表演工作是 他心中的一种快乐。新加坡野生动物拯救员将 他人生中的黄金十年献给了野生动物。他们带 着坚定不移的信念,活出了不平凡的三十多岁 的阶段。

Episode 5 – Focus on ages 30 and above
Meet the four individuals in their thirties who are pursuing their goals in their own unique ways: a blind Taiwanese baseball player, a JB-born Indian zi char head chef in Singapore, a courageous female stunt actress, and a mobile vendor delivering food to Cambodia’s rural areas.

台湾盲人棒球教练珍惜接触世界的每一个机 会。孩子和家庭是新加坡印裔主厨生活的动 力。好动女生当特技演员是一条不容易走的 路。柬埔寨移动小贩默默为城市运转付出。他们用自己的方式去寻找属于自己人生三十多岁这个阶段的目标。

Episode 6 – Focus on ages 40 and above
Meet the four 40-somethings standing at the crossroads of their lives: a former news anchor seeking a simpler life in China, a bicycle coffee vendor in Malaysia, the leader of a voluntary fire brigade, and a migrant domestic worker chasing her sporting dreams in Singapore.

成都女主播选择随心生活,追求简单的幸福。 马来西亚流动咖啡车骑士从容面对改变。立志 当运动员的女佣在新加坡美梦成真。装修商加 入自愿消防队当队长,付出不求回报。他们在 人生的半途转换路线,探索一个新的世界。

Episode 7 – Focus on ages 50 and above
How do individuals continue living the second half of their lives to the fullest? Meet a Malaysian 3D prosthetics maker helping disabled children, a charcoal kiln operator preserving his heritage, a Taiwanese gravel truck driver, and a Singaporean ex-jockey providing horse-assisted therapy.

马来西亚 3D 义肢制作者尽最大努力,造福更 多残缺的孩子。传统炭窑经营者认为祖业的传 承是责任也是使命。台湾砂石车司机生活漂泊 却目睹更多风景。新加坡马术导师对马儿感情 真挚,不离不弃。人生的下半场,他们找回自 己的节奏,把生活握在手中。

Episode 8 – Focus on ages 50 and above
Meet four individuals living their 50s in Malaysia, Singapore, and China: an artisan perfecting the traditional craft of making kiln- roasted pork, an installation artist breaking the mould, a mouth and foot painter living life to the fullest, and a researcher dedicated to the study of fireflies.

烧猪匠人追求把窑烤做到极致。装置艺术家总 是在突破现状。口足画家积极向前,只想努力 活下去。研究萤火虫的护光使者则乐观豁达地 奉献自己。他们以自己的方式,活出属于他们 的人生。

Episode 9 – Focus on ages 60 and above
How do our circumstances shape the choices we make in our 60s? Follow the stories of a grave dweller and a jeepney driver in the Philippines, a volunteer driver at a hospice in Malaysia, and a Singaporean crab hunter.

在不同的环境中,每个人在 60 多岁阶段所做 的选择都不一样。菲律宾守墓人以墓为家,生 活艰苦。吉普尼客运车司机日打三份工换取一 家温饱。马来西亚临终关怀中心司机选择当全 职义工,而新加坡螃蟹猎人则回归质朴乡村生 活。

Episode 10 – Focus on ages 70 and above
What gives life meaning in our golden years? Meet four seniors in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China: a 72-year-old pursuing ballet, a 74-year-old running a supper stall, an 83- year-old who set up a thrift store that helps run an orphanage, and a 73-year-old running a community kitchen for the elderly.

怎样的高龄生活才有意义?香港 72 岁奶奶认 为有心不怕迟,勇敢追梦学跳芭蕾舞。新加坡 74 岁椰浆饭摊主日夜颠倒经营深夜食堂。83 岁旧货商竭尽所能为孤儿院筹集资金。而中国 73 岁奶奶创办社区食堂,为空巢老人做饭。