Go Go Giwas

“Go Go Giwas” is a science educational 3D animation series based on the natural life and culture of Taiwanese aboriginal people. The story depicts the struggles and experiences of the main character, Giwas, a girl of the Atayal tribe, as she works toward her dream of becoming the leader of the tribe. The subject matter is based on the elementary and middle school natural science curriculum, so is ideal for prompting interest in science amongst young viewers.



Genre: Animation, Kids, Education
Language: Chinese, English Subtitle
Year: 2016

Duration: 13 episodes  x 12 mins
Territory/Rights available: South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Engine Studios Taiwan


  • 2016 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
  • 2016 Bucheon International Animation Festival
  • 2016  The Best Animation Program of Golden Bell Awards
  • 2016 Taichung International animation Festival
  • 2016 Digital Content Product
  • 2016 Rank 5 star rank of The Children and Youth TV recommendation

Episode 1 The Ancient Battle Field : Scientific Principle: The surface of contact of a chemical reaction

Episode 2 Giwas’s Father is Fuming: Scientific Principle: The movement of tectonic plates

Episode 3 Treasure Hunt: Scientific Principle: Math

Episode 4 Where is the Fish Trap?: Scientific Principle: River division

Episode 5 Let’s Build a Bridge: Scientific Principle: Structure mechanics:

Episode 6 So Small You Can’t See : Scientific Principle: Lotus Effect

Episode 7 Nainai’s Sweet Potatoes: Scientific Principle: Preservation of food

Episode 8 The Acorn Spinning Top:  Scientific Principle: Inertia and angular momentum

Episode 9 Colors of the Rainbow: Scientific Principle: Refraction of Light

Episode 10 Where does water come from? Scientific Principle: Communicating pipes

Episode 11 Black and White Magic: Scientific Principle: Chemical properties of charcoal ash

Episode 12 Eternal Warmth: Scientific Principle: Ignition Point

Episode 13 Hello! Chief!: Scientific Principle: Law of Inertia