Nana and Friends

Nana and Friends is one of the first animated series created to teach English or Chinese as a second language to preschool kids.

The story is about Nana and friends, a group of cute aliens, going on fun adventures to learn and discover new words in English or Chinese. However, the troublemakers, Goids, always follow them to play pranks.

Every episode is a fun standalone story with an engaging storyline and music video to teach kids a few new words.


Genre: 3D Animated Series for Preschoolers
Language: English & Mandarin
Year: 2022
Duration: 10 Episodes x 15 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD

Episode Details

Episode 1- Maxi Chef:
Maxi checks his social media “GalaxyStream” and sees that his vlog and cat video has 1 million views, but a video of Didi cooking pancakes has 2 million views. Maxi decides he will make a cooking video. He calls Noodle Monster to come over to help him shoot the video.

Episode 2- Monster in the Closet:
Maxi and Big Blue are having a sleepover at Maxi’s house. They are in their pajamas and watching a scary movie on TV.  Suddenly, they hear a growling sound coming from the closet…

Episode 3- The Shrink Ray:
Maxi is standing outside of his bathroom. He’s holding a mop and bucket of cleaning supplies. He sighs and looks depressed. Suddenly Goids appears and shoots him with the shrink ray. As Maxi gets smaller, he leans over the sink. He becomes so small that he can stand on the sink and the sink looks like a giant swimming pool!

Episode 4- The White Gem:
Nana is hiking in the forest with her little brother. Nana is taking pictures with a white, polaroid camera while her brother collects cool rocks. He finds a cool, white rock. Nana takes a picture of her brother holding the rock. Her brother puts the black rock in his brown bag. Suddenly, they hear someone crying. Nana and her brother see a brown baby bird crying by a tree

Episode 5- The Library:
The library is having a fairy tale party to promote reading. The kids pick their favorite fairy tales and need to dress up as those characters. The kids look at different fairy tale books at the library to get some ideas. Didi then gives the kids a box of costumes to try on and look through while she and Dr. Moma decorate the library for the party.

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