Spicy Hot

Some countries’ spicy cuisine is mild and subtle, while others’ packs a tight punch.  Is it equally true of the people who eat them?  This food trail across Asia explores how diet reflects a country’s climate and the character of its people. How significant is chilli in traditional culture? How do spicy cuisines affect taste buds? What wondrous local remedies are there for relieving spiciness? All chili is not created equal, and neither are all people!



Genre: Food, Travel, Culture
Language: Chinese
Year: 2018

Duration: 10 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide, excluding Singapore
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Australia
“Spicy Hot” heads to Australia ! Jiafa experiences the biggest ever “Chilli Festival” and braves the spiciest chilli in the world – the Carolina Reaper ! He signs up for a chilli – eating competition, but can this self – proclaimed foodie handle the challenge ?


Episode 2 – South Korea
Ian Fang joins the spicy search ! He heads to Korea to hunt out street food that best represents the local food culture. He also visits a famous spicy noodles factory and learns to make spicy sauce infused with the essence of nature!


Episode 3 – Japan
Jiafa travels to Okinawa, Japan and where their spiciest chilli, Shima Tougarashi, is usually combined with wine as a dipping sauce. He samples the spiciest ramen and a fiery burger and the lovely “Penguin Couple” invite him to taste their special home – made chilli sauce!


Episode 4 – China
Hunan is known to be the province with the spiciest food in China and Shane Pow is on the hunt for spicy snacks. Calling on famous restaurant owners, he learns how to whip up a hot dish or two. Being the hometown of Mao Ze Dong, Shane has the honour of trying out Mao’s favourite spicy meals too!


Episode 5 – Philippines
The Bicol Region in the Philippines is famous for its spicy dishes and widely renowned homegrown Siling Labuyo. They even like to put chilli in their desserts ! Jiafa tries out the famous spicy dishes and competes for the “Chilli King” title.


Episode 6 – China
China’s spiciest chilli, “Shuan Shuan La”, is here to traumatise Shane’s taste buds ! Can he withstand its fiery heat ? The only province in China to use flowers in their dishes, Yunnan is also famous for its flower dishes, tinged with varying levels of spiciness. Shane tries them all out!


Episode 7 – Indonesia
Jiafa goes to Manado, Indonesia to explore different spicy cuisine, as well as the locals’ favourite chilli – Cabe Rawit ! He meets two entrepreneurial sisters who have created their own chilli sauce to satisfy their raging taste buds ! He also visits an exotic food market to witness the locals’ love for spicy food!

美那多是印度尼西亚最能吃辣的地区,当地人最喜爱的辣椒是Cabe Rawit,家发与当地看准商机的一对辣椒姐妹花碰面,品尝了她们制作的驰名辣蘸酱,以及和辣酱绝配的道地美食,也到访了著名的野味市场,了解当地人对辣椒的狂爱!

Episode 8 – Thailand
Thailand is a food haven but today, Teddy’s priority is the spicy food! He tries the most popular spicy dish in town and visits the local chilli market, getting up close with Thailand’s Mr Chilli Man ! Teddy also tries the amazing “Chilli Paste from Hell”. Is he able to withstand the scorching heat, or is it truly Hell?


Episode 9 – Malaysia
The aboriginals of Sarawak in Malaysia have their own traditional spicy food! Teddy goes to East Malaysia to learn about their food culture. Spicy Porridge and Sarawak Laksa are on his list. He also helps to make white and black pepper!


Episode 10 – India
India is the last stop on this Spicy Hot journey. Guntur Sannam is the spiciest chilli in India and it’s popular ! On average, 28 tons per annum of this extraordinarily HOT chilli is harvested. How will Teddy fare after he tastes India’s chutney and famous spicy dishes ? Will he win or lose the SPICY battle?

火辣辣之旅来到最后一站—印度!以辣美食闻名的国度究竟有哪些恐怖辣椒呢?印度最辣的辣椒Guntur Sannam产量高达28万吨!Teddy也将品尝地道的辣蘸酱和美食,吃得火辣辣的Teddy会被打倒吗?