Groom My Room

Every kid wants a super cool bedroom where they can play, dream, study and hang out with their friends! But getting it to look is impossible with parents constantly butting in! So this time, we let the kids take charge, and see how they turn their fantasy bedrooms into reality! But here’s the catch! The kids will be challenged to come up with their dream bedroom design, work within a budget, shop for their room decorations and eventually put it all together to create their dream room, all by themselves in 2 days!


Genre: Kids, Youth, Educational
Language: English
Year: 2006-2014

Duration: 9 eps /10 eps /13 eps x 30 mins

Total Hours: 49 —33 Hours (HD)+ 16 Hours (SD)
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Client: Okto Channel (Singapore Terrestrial)

Episode 1: Stars and Constellations

Welcome back for the 8th season of Groom My Room! In this episode, explore the wonders of the universe with Yun as she gives her room the ultimate makeover!

Episode 2: Riding the Airwaves

Rock the airwaves with Qayyum as he transforms his room into the radio station of his dreams!

Episode 3: En Garde!

This week, aspiring fencer Omar gets ready to face his biggest challenge ever – grooming his boring old room! How will he fare? Tune in to find out!

Episode 4: Shake & Spray

In this episode, go gaga over graffiti with Dhalila as she shakes, sprays and paints her way to an exciting new room!

Episode 5: Konnichiwa

In this episode, Nicholas’ love for Japanese food and culture has inspired him to makeover his room with a Japanese theme! With a huge messy room full of mismatching furniture, will he be able to successfully transform his room in time?

Episode 6: Ballerina Dream

This week, dance away with Syazwina, who wants to turn her dreary bed room into an elegant ballet themed room.

Episode 7 – Ice Cream

This week Groom My Room rings the changes on itself, with a special give back episode.  Thirteen year old student Elle has always wanted to groom a room but has one tiny problem. There is nothing wrong with her current room!  After being selected for the show and with a passion to help others she dreams up the idea that it would be kind of fun to groom a room for someone else.  Luckily she’s not alone.  Joanne, Jaybon and the ever patient groomers

Episode 8 – Spring is in the air

Spring fever is hitting Singapore! Having lived in Sweden, Janani fell in love with spring season and wants to bring it to her bedroom. She won’t do it alone, the lovely Annabelle Francis is lending her a helping hand!

Episode 9 – Victorian

This week on Groom My Room Jia Hui does a makeover that takes them all back in time. This young Singaporean and her mum share a taste for old style Victorian chic but with a limited budget evoking a world found only in British museums will be tricky.

Episode 10 – The Hunger Groom

Pizza’s, Burgers, French Fries and Milkshakes… these are a few of Randeep’s favourite foods and he wants to bring it to his bedroom. He won’t be doing it alone, Sheik Haikel is lending him a hand!

Episode 11 – Basketball

Things take a sweaty, sporty turn this week on Groom My Room, as Joanne and friends attack a dream make over with the usual gusto.  This week the groomers take on the dreams of young Dinesh who’s basketball crazy and an avid fan of the California Lakers.

Episode 12: The Butterfly Effect

In this episode, Paulyne wants to spread her wings and turn her room into her very own butterfly park! With two other siblings to share the room with, this will not be easy.

Will she be able to successfully transform the room from pupa to butterfly? Will her mystery lifeline be able to help her at all? Stay tuned to find out.

Episode 13: Detective

This week Groom My Room slips on the plastic gloves and takes a careful look at all the evidence.  Young Ryan dreams of having a detective style bedroom. The crime?  Being transferred from Arsenal football club.  Catch Groom My Room to find out that things are not always what they seem.

Episode 14: The Tale of Two Sisters

In this special episode, GROOM MY ROOM gives back. Phoebe has muscular dystrophy, a medical condition that makes her unable to move without the help of her wheelchair. Joanne joins her older sister, Germaine, to make a room more conducive for Phoebe to use, with a music theme. Will she be able to compose up a masterpiece?  Stay tuned to find out.

Other Designs and Themes Featured in Season 9:

Ep 1 – Cleve – Japanese Hotel Resort
Ep 2 – Adias – Music/Stage
Ep 3 – Yuxin – Seashore
Ep 4 – Neelufer – Fashionista
Ep 5 – Rohaan – Reggae
Ep 6 – Shafiqah – Ballerina
Ep 7 – Khairul – Adventure
Ep 8 – Yinger – Fantasy