‘MAUS’ – Germany’s Most Successful Kids’ Show comes to Southeast Asia and Korea

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SINGAPORE – 12th September 2017

Ying Group and WDR mediagroup (WDRmg) are delighted to announce their collaboration to bring Europe’s award-winning children’s shows exclusively to the Southeast Asian and Korean markets. The partnership was initiated during MIPCOM 2016 and signed in July 2017.

The exciting repertoire of shows includes MAUS, ELEFANTASTIC, TRUDE’S FLATMATE, THE LITTLE MOLE, and BOBO. The shows are designed for pre-schoolers and kids to combine fun with learning through quirky mascot MAUS and big & furry TRUDE’S FLATMATE, an inquisitive and lovable monster.

THE LITTLE MOLE, a witty & cheeky mole, teaches kids to be friendly, helpful and environmentally conscious. The adorable blue elephant in ELEFANTASTIC sparks curiosity and creativity, while BOBOthe naughty dormouse, makes growing up exciting by taking his young audience along on his adventures.

MAUS (Kids / 50 x 11 mins) is Germany’s longest running TV show and has been the official partner of the International Emmy Kids Awards since 2014. The TV series has won over 100 awards, including the Prix Jeunesse International (2014) and a Gold Medal at the New York Festival (2006).

ELEFANTASTIC (Pre-school / 26 x 11 mins) has won several international awards, including Ciak Junior (2013), IFF International Family Film Festival Award (2011), and the Japan Prize (2010).

Bonnie Wiryani of  Ying Group says: “We look forward to working closely with WDR mediagroup to bring fresh, exciting, and innovative content to kids and pre-school audiences. We have no doubt that kids and families across Asia will also fall in love with these edutainment shows.”

Stefanie Fischer, Head of Content at WDRmg says: “The Southeast Asian market for kids’ programs is very fragmented and divided into many sections with individual demands. With Ying Group we have found an expert partner for this region with an extensive network and superior sales know-how. Together we’ll be able to fully exploit the potential of each one of our shows.”


About WDR mediagroup  wdr-mediagroup.com/en/

WDR mediagroup (WDRmg), a subsidiary of WDR, is one of the biggest European public broadcasting stations. With their broad range of children’s programs, WDRmg offers content for every target group and slot. Alongside WDR-owned brands and content, WDRmg also handles international sales for products by various well-known independent producers and production companies. Ranging from broadcasting, VoD and inflight rights to the release of DVDs and Blu-ray, WDRmg covers the whole chain of distribution, globally and across all platforms. The company is also an active co-production partner – by handling the distribution or acting as co-producer/co-financier.


About Ying Group www.yinggroup.asia

Ying Group is a licensing & distribution company representing Asian and International content for TV and other platforms. From factual and kids entertainment to formats, we offer a wide range of genres and stories specifically for today’s Asian audiences. We are constantly growing our library and reaching out to talented producers around Asia and the world to represent new and exciting work.


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