Asia Alive

Asia Alive is a journey to heritage sites layered by history and life – places rich in tradition garnished by natural and architectural beauty.  From the food havens of Malaysia’s melting pots (Penang and Malacca); to heavens on earth in Indonesia (Borobudur and Prambanan); and further afield to tropical paradises in the Philippines, the viewer will get up close and personal with the sights, sounds and soul of these sites. More than just a travelogue, Asia Alive also steps into the lives of those who are champions and custodians of ancient traditions.  Besides taking in the unique charm, color and character on offer, the series explores the pressing and poignant issue of how, in the currents of change and modernity, if it is possible still to keep the heritage of Asia alive.



Genre: Travel, History, Culture
Language: English
Year: 2016

Duration: 7 episodes  x 30 mins
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co

Client: Okto Channel (Singapore Terrestrial)

Asia Alive Ep 1:  The Character of George Town (Penang, Malaysia)

Asia Alive takes the viewer on a trip to Penang; and through its passionate citizens – a Silat master, a conservation champion and a custodian of the ancient art of puppetry – to glimpse into the soul and spirit of a heritage town.

Asia Alive Ep 2:  The Charm of George Town (Penang, Malaysia)

Painting after painting, we see how a modern vibrancy has been woven into a storied physical landscape that somehow captures the spirit and still conveys the fizz.  And after feasting the eyes on the amazing creativity of the murals, the viewer will vicariously sample the culinary delights that Penang has come to be world-famous for – from the secrets of Peranakan cooking to the dizzying array of hawker fare

Asia Alive Ep 3:  The Spirit of Malacca (Malacca, Malaysia)

Malacca.  This is a town that has seen them all – masters from Java, Ming China, Portugal, Holland, Great Britain…   The streams of the past flow and converge to form a rich river of life and culture – just like the physical one that runs through the heart of Malacca today.

Asia Alive Ep 4:  Jewel of a Garden (Singapore)

Designed very much like the English pleasure garden of a bygone age, the flora of this heritage site has communed with successive generations of Singaporeans and has also become a part of a nation’s consciousness.

Asia Alive Ep 5:  Coron Island – Paradise Found and Kept (Island in Coron, Philippines)

Coron Island is one of the top scuba diving sites in the world receiving thousands of tourists.  This convergence of old and new has thrown up interesting challenges for the ancient Tagbanwa people and for this pristine paradise.  Asia Alive travels to this beautiful island to see if this paradise found…can still be kept…

Asia Alive Ep 6:  Bliss and Blessings in Borobudur (Indonesia)

Asia Alive takes the viewer to the sprawling Borobudur to understand what this UNESCO Heritage site means to those who are intimately connected to it.   We learn from the Buddhist monk who sees the spiritual journey to bliss in the stones and sculptures, and from the custodian who is driven to protect these same stones and sculptures.

Asia Alive Ep 7:  Myth and Magical Moments at Prambanan (Indonesia)

While one has a central figure, the Prambanan boasts a cast of celestial gods.   The tall, dark and absolutely handsome structures – all piercing the sky – also form a breathtaking backdrop to the recounting of myths – namely the Hindu epic, “The Ramayana”.   It is also one of the coolest set designs that money cannot buy when it comes to celebrating legends – of jazz –  in the highly popular annual jazz festival.