Undercover Asia: Cyber Casanova

Synopsis: Times have changed and so has crime. Gone are the days, when robbers planned a big heist or petty thieves stole from an old granny. Sophisticated con-artists are now utilising the stealth of the internet to make a quick buck from unsuspecting victims. Their primary targets – woman looking for love! Like an expired log cake after Christmas, these women are vulnerable targets that scam artists are now targeting. It’s not a myth or something that happens in faraway places. It happens here in Asia. 50 cases of internet love scam reported in 2012 amounted to the astronomical sum of S$1.2 million.


Genre: Documentary, Facts, Crime
Language: English
Year: 2013

Duration: 60 mins
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals  Co