Get Real

Get Real is a multiple award-winning investigative documentary series. Bold and in-depth, it travels across Asia taking a fresh look at old issues, highlighting trends and triggering debate.


Genre: Documentary, Social Issues
Language: English
Year: Season 15 & 16 (2017) / Season 17 (2019)

Duration: Season 15 (13 Episodes x 60 Minutes), Season 16 (10 Episodes x 60 Minutes) and Season 17 (9 Episodes x 60 Minutes)
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Show Format: HD


Season 15

Episode 1 – Philippines Killing Fields
Since President Duterte declared war on drugs in the Philippines, more than 3900 people have died in unexplained circumstances. Their bodies are found dumped on the streets with placards identifying them as drug criminals. But no one knows for sure, and their murderers remain scot-free.

In this debut episode, Get Real investigates the people behind this new wave of unexplained murders, and how they are getting away with murder.

Episode 2 – Losing Ground (Cambodia)
Pieces of Cambodia have been sold to private companies for commercial use and 800,000 thousand Cambodians have been displaced as a result. Land rights defenders that have put up a fierce fight have been assassinated or jailed. Is the price of Cambodia’s land development too much to bear?

Episode 3 – High School Girls for Hire (Japan)
Joushi Kousei or JK shops in Japan are on the rise. These shops offer the experience of being with a high school girl. Why are Japanese men so enamoured with the high school girl? And with businesses paying good money to lure girls, how will Japan stop the trade?

Episode 4 – Caste Out (India)
Despite robust laws to protect them, extreme violence against one of India’s most oppressed communities is on the rise. For centuries, India’s social structure was been built around a rigid caste system which survives to this day. Dalits are at the bottom of this system, branded untouchable in the ancient Hindu order. Now, a growing number of Dalits are asserting their rights, demanding an end to 3000 years of oppression and for equality and justice under the law – but there has been a backlash: violent crimes against Dalits, ranging from beatings, rape, murder and arson, have only become more frequent and more severe. Get Real explores why atrocities against Dalits are escalating, and why the laws are failing to protect them.

Episode 5 – Age Old Poverty (South Korea)
In barely 50 years, South Korea has risen from the embers of the Korean War to become the economic, fashion and cultural giant it is today. But the generation that built it have been left behind. Today South Korea has the poorest elderly people among the industrialized economies. A patchy pension system and sharply declining bonds of filial piety have left half of Korea’s elderly living below the poverty line. With a Silver Tsunami fast approaching, the situation is becoming even more urgent. Get Rea! brings us deep into the lives of these elderly who live on the margins , and finds out what measures are being taken to alleviate this problem.

Season 16

Episode 1 – Escape From Marawi
When city of Marawi was overrun by ISIS pledged militants, thousands were trapped under crossfire. Families barricaded themselves in their own homes while the militants were moving from door to door to kill anyone who did not share their beliefs. The Philippine military claims that they have now taken back 90% of the city. But the real war is in trying to heal the emotional scars of the people.

Episode 2 – No Rooms For Refugee
Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees swamped into Bangladesh in a matter of weeks, sparking a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. What is it like to jostle with 800,000 refugees for a space to stay ? Or to flee from persecution just to continue being unwanted in a country that’s too impoverished to support its own ? Get Real chronicles the journey of refugees’ fight for survival, and reveals the stories behind the statistics.

Episode 3 – India Health Tragedy
In August 2017, a hospital in North India ran out of oxygen and 63 children died over the course of five days. The tragedy sparked a furor and brought the dismal state of India’s public health care system into the spotlight. India’s spending on Public Health is one of the lowest in the world and it reflects in its inadequate health infrastructure and resources. There is a severe lack of doctors and nurses, overcrowding at Public Hospitals, and a shortage of hospital beds. Illegal private hospitals are equally ill – equipped and sometimes charge exorbitant fees. Get Real explores the underbelly of India’s medical sector and discovers why children are paying the price of poor health services, with their lives.

Episode 4 – Myanmar Child Workers
As Myanmar transitions from decades of military – governed isolation to democratic rule, it is becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But this growth is built on cheap labour, much of it provided by children. One in five Burmese children work, half of them in hazardous conditions, making Myanmar one of the worst offending countries for underage labour. With over 1.2 million deprived of a childhood, the country faces a desperate crisis. Get Real uncovers deep – seated cultural and social – economic reasons that push parents, employers and children to engage in this practice. And how a tangle of labour laws and a failing education system makes stamping out child labour an uphill challenge for labour authorities.

Episode 5 – China’s Forgotten Heroes
About 45 percent of athletes in China become unemployed upon retirement, according to their state run media. China’s athletes train for the Olympics but rarely for life after. Many athletes are also left with sports injuries and health problems caused by their training. Impoverished and forgotten, recently the plight of retired athletes in China was made public.

Season 17

Episode 1 – China’s Social Credit Lab (China)
Get Real investigates a bold social experiment in China, where good behaviour gets rewarded and undesirable ones face consequences.

Episode 2 – The New Cyber Army (Indonesia)
Get Real uncovers how digital social tools are becoming a political weapon, and who is powering the cyber armies using them.

Episode 3 – Never Be Home (Cambodia)
Get Real chronicles the plight of Cambodian American refugees who are deported back to Cambodia by the Trump administration.

Episode 4 – Left To Die (Malaysia)
Every 3 days in Malaysia, a baby is abandoned. Get Real explores why unwed mothers are doing the unimaginable. Can this tragedy be prevented?

Episode 5 – See You Lighter (China, Hong Kong)
From viral skinny challenges to online vomit bars, Get Real investigates Hong Kong’s obsession with thinness.


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