The Mark of Empire

Singaporean curator and scholar Peter Lee explores the history of four Southeast Asian empires that made their mark on the world. Travelling from Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia to Indonesia, Peter explores ancient ruins, epic legends and vibrant traditions to chart the rise and fall of four distinct empires, and how their legacy still shapes cultures and identities in the region today.


Genre: Documentary, History, Culture, Social Interest
Language: English
Year: 2020

Duration: 4 Episodes x 60 Minutes
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Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Ayutthaya
500 years ago, Thailand’s Ayutthaya was one of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. Curator and scholar Peter Lee charts its transformation from backwater state to global superpower.

Episode 2 – Bagan
900 years ago, the Bagan Empire united Myanmar and transformed into a world centre of Buddhism. Peter Lee explores how it grew and how its legacy still echoes in the modern nation.

Episode 3 – Angkor
Peter Lee visits Angkor to discover how, a thousand years ago, the ancient Khmer overcame nature to thrive, leaving behind iconic ruins that lie at the heart of Cambodian identity.

Episode 4 – Majapahit
700 years ago, the Majapahit united Indonesia’s isles to found a trading empire whose networks stretched across the globe. Peter Lee charts its milestones and enduring legacy.