Unique Lodging

Unique Lodging will explore some of the most unique lodgings all across the world. In each episode, audiences will get to see a different world through these unique lodgings. Host Quan Yi Fong will understand more about the stories behind the establishment of the lodgings and some of the challenges they faced. How does it feel staying in atypical lodging? How are the locals affected by the increased tourism? Yi Fong will understand the local culture and its people through her journey.



Genre: Documentary, Travel, Lifestyle
Language: Mandarin (English & Mandarin subtitles available)
Year: 2017

Duration: 8 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Laos
In this episode, Yi Fong arrives at Laos to experience the unique Tree Houses lodging located in the wilderness that can only be reached by zip-line. Not only that, she also get to experience the Laotian lifestyle.


Episode 2 – Taiwan
In this episode, Yi Fong arrives in Taiwan to understand the story of how two cousins decide to turn a rundown old house into a scenic and rustic lodging.


Episode 3 – India
In this episode, Yi Fong arrives in India and travels deep into the desert to experience how it is to stay in a desert camp.

在这一集的节目中,怡凤来到了印度 ,在沙漠帐篷旅店里体验不一样的生活,了解印度的人文风情。

Episode 4 – India
In this episode, Yi Fong gets to stay in a luxurious boathouse in India which was transformed from an old rice boat.


Episode 5 – France
In this episode, Yi Fong visits France to stay in a Star Gazing Lodge where she will get to admire the stars 2877m above sea level.


Episode 6 – Spain
In this episode, Yi Fong travels to Spain where she stays in a lodging made out of abandoned caves. She also get to experience the Gypsy lifestyle during her stay.


Episode 7 – China
In the episode, Yi Fong will visit China where she gets to experience living in a thousand year-old underground courtyard house.


Episode 8 – Korea
In this final episode, Yi Fong goes to Korea where she will stay in a temple. The temple lodging promises to provide inner peace and tranquility for their guests.