Crazy Cakes

Crazy Cakes showcases the most outrageous and kooky cake creations from across the globe! Watch our Master cake artists hypnotize you with their unique vision.  From remote control car cakes to glowing aliens and dripping zombies, nothing’s too impossible for them!

Plus – pick up tips on how to improve your own 3D cake techniques and bake it weird!


Genre: Food
Language: English
Year: 2018

Duration: 26 Episodes x 5 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide, excluding Singapore
Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Episodic Details

Episode 1- The Moving Van Cake:
It’s time to pull over for this huge remote controlled van cake! We’ve seen cakes that look like cars… but one that actually moves? I don’t think so. Watch Tricia and Nick from The White Ombre work their magic to create a moving van cake that weighs a whopping 85 kilos!

Episode 2- The Infected Zombie Cake:
A missing eye, fresh cuts, and infected wounds –we’d probably call this the most scary, lifelike in-the-flesh zombie ever!  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Episode 3- The Fish Head Dinner Cake:
Inspired by home cooked meals, Hong from The Cake Hunter creates this hyper-realistic fish head dinner complete with garnishing and a bowl of rice too. Hungry? It’s time for dinner! Or should I say, dessert?

Episode 4- The Poppable Pimple Cake:
Pimple popping – while some think it’s gross, others are hooked to watching icky fluids spewing out of human skin. Ginnie from The Cake Scape has taken this to a whole new level of gross with a cake face with actual zits you can squeeze!  Watch if you dare!

Episode 5- The Epic Changi Terminal 4 Cake:
The White Ombre Duo celebrates the opening of Singapore’s Terminal Four with an epic cake! With amazing details like glass windows for viewing tiny edible planes, the entire cake weighs in at 100 kilos.  Well what can we say? Get ready to fly!

Episode 6- The Nostalgic Old School Games Cake:
Get a dose of nostalgia with the Old School Games cake. It’s not only hyper-real – it’s also life-sized! Relive the good ol’ days with country erasers, five stones, chatek, marbles and most importantly… the congkak you can actually play with!

Episode 7- The Gravity-Defying Kangaroo Cake:
Meet this episode’s stars: Mrs Roo and her baby Joey.  Margaret Carter of Handi’s Cake creates a gravity-defying kangaroo cake. Besides building a sturdy foundation, Margaret also has to up the game by hand painting aesthetic details to make this cake a star!

Episode 8- The Dancing Circus Elephant Cake:
The success of this cake is very much a balancing act. Literally. In this gravity-defying cake, Chef Handi stacks up colourful elements of a circus to create a cake that is 80 centimetres tall.

Episode 9- The Light-Up English Cottage Cake:
The English cottage cake looks so much like an antique figurine… we almost got it mixed up for the real thing!   Not only does it look like it’s come right out of a painting – it even lights up! Check out the carving of the tiniest details on the cottage walls, and sculpting of miniature flowers to complete this one-of-a-kind ‘antique’.

Episode 10- The Scrumptious Fast Food Cake:
If you’re looking for a low cal alternative to fast food… this might not be it. But it sure looks pretty tasty! We’ve got you an extra-value-meal, with drumsticks, fries, a drink and sweet cake to top it off!

Episode 11- The Luxury Handbag Cake:
Annina of Susucre creates this oo-la-la women’s handbag with accessories. Watch her work her magic and trick oblivious shoppers pick out this bag to match their next outfit. Gotcha!

Episode 12- The Royal Coronation Cake:
All bow!  We present you the king of crowns, a cross bearing orb, a cane, and a royal pillow – a bespoke regal cake, only fit for royalty. Chef E.T. reveals his mastery and artistic flair in this cake with crystal clear gems, finely sculpted tassels and delicate finishing touches.

Episode 13- The Endangered Pangolin Cake:
Chef Ying takes on the plight of Asian wildlife and turns it into inspiration for this cake design.  It is truly cake making for a good cause – an unsuspecting, curled up pangolin sitting amidst foliage. How will Chef Ying put this cake to good use to raise awareness on the dire fate of the pangolin?

Episode 14- The Carousel Merry-Go-Round Cake:
Round and round!  When looking realistic isn’t enough, we get this carousel cake to turn. Featuring intricately sculpted jewels, an ornate unicorn atop a floral cake base, watch our cake magician bring this revolving carousel cake to life!

Episode 15- The Glow-in-The-Dark Alien Cake:
A giant sandworm, a spacecraft hovering above a sandhill – could it be an alien invasion?  It’s bursting out of the cake board and challenging gravity.  But that’s not all – watch what happens when we kill the lights!   Bam!  It glows!

Episode 16- The Amazing Aqua Cake:
Is the seaweed truly greener on someone else’s shore? Not with Munira around! This time, she brings to the table corals, fresh seaweed, fish, a mermaid’s tail and a surprise element that will transport you to the bottom of the deep blue sea. Ready to dive?

Episode 17- The Roaring Dino Cake:
It moves and… It roars! Evidently, cake making no longer ends at the aesthetic for Munira. Get the exclusive access to see how she creates this roaring dinosaur – mechanisms masked by delicious cake.

Episode 18- The Lucky Jackpot Cake:
GO BIG OR GO HOME! But with this jackpot machine… be assured that you’ll always get what you give. Dressed in bright colours and neon lights, this jackpot cake will spring a surprise on you at the touch of a button. Are you all set to win?

Episode 19- The Smashable Pinata Cake:
Sugary goodness and candy creations stack up to form this delectable piece. Beautiful as it seems on the outside, the insides are also bursting with flavour. Go crazy as we smash this pinata cake to reveal even more mouthwatering delights.

Episode 20- The Fiddler’s Cake:
A musician creating an instrument cake? Talk about being fit as a fiddle. Yng Huey brings us a life-sized violin cake complete with a bow and strings. It’s a great cake idea for music loving, cake eating fiddlers for sure!

Episode 21- The Malfunctioning Robot Cake:
So the saying goes… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Maybe not this time. Lydia returns to fix us the malfunctioning robot cake – complete with missing limbs to look the part. In fact, it’s malfunctioning so badly, it’s literally fuming.

Episode 22- The Ice Castle Cake:
Watch Frances carefully craft isomalt pieces and handpaint the cake to create this ice castle cake. With a background in floristy, design, and of course cake decoration, it’s crystal clear that she will have some tips to flaunt in creating this cake.

Episode 23- The Owl Cake:
It wouldn’t be wise to say that this owl cake is all that meets the eye. Tug at its strings, and you’re in for a surprise!

Episode 24- The Happily Never After Cake:
The team at Pulse Patissierie brings us a twist to our typical childhood fairytale ending. Happily Never After? With whimsical elements of fantasy, watch the real story unfold as they share with us how this beautiful cake means much more than it seems.

Episode 25- The Mystical Cake:
Which creature will triumph in a battle between the dragon and the phoenix? Detailing the smoky clouds and spinning fireballs in the fight between these mystical creatures, this cake will be sure to blow you away.

Episode 26- The Water Fountain Cake:
We’ve got cakes that move, cakes that light up, cakes that roar… but what about cakes that carry water? In this final episode of Crazy Cakes, catch Chef Zach push boundaries in this water fountain cake and learn the secrets to make it a success.