Get Social


In Get Social!, Singaporean kids learn to take on social responsibility in an enterprising way! They will get a unique opportunity to learn the ropes of running a business and give back to society at the same time! Over 8 weeks, the two teams will go through intensive training and challenges to develop various skills to help them in their final challenge – to raise funds for the charity or cause of their choice! In each show, they will visit a different social enterprise or charity to learn different ways to help the needy in Singapore. They will then race against time, and compete against each other to finish a task to benefit the charity! Along the way, they will learn useful entrepreneurial, social and skills and values. The 2-part finale will see the teams pitting their skills against each other. Each team helms a campaign for their charity of choice, with a simple aim – to raise more funds for their charity than the other team can! There are no losers here though – it’s all in the spirit of doing your best! Highly experienced social entrepreneurs and guides will provide guidance and mentorships to the kids. With their experience dealing with the trials and tribulations of raising funds for the needy, they are the no-nonsense gurus to the kids, dispensing practical advice to help them out! They will also judge how the kids perform in their tasks and rate them in their work.


Genre: Kids / Youth
Language: English
Year: 2015

Duration: 8episodes x 30 mins
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: Yes
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Client: Okto Channel (Singapore Terrestrial)

The First 6 Episodes – Training

In the first 6 episodes, the 2 teams of kids will go through intensive training and challenges in 6 different VWOs. They will focus on specific skills that will help them in their final fundraising challenge. These skills reflect real-world requirements to be effective social workers. The 6 skills include:

  1. Selling an Idea (Pitching to corporate clients) – SAVH
  2. Teamwork – Nature Society
  3. Spreading a Message (Advertising) – MDAS
  4. Planning an Event (Event organisation & management) — Charis
  5. Managing Money (Cost management & budgeting) – Food Bank
  6. Being the Boss (Human resource management) — Daybreak

1 team of kids wins the challenge every week, winning points toward a cumulative score!

The Last 2 Episodes – Finale

Over Episodes 7 & 8, the kids create and execute a business plan aimed toward raising funds for the 6 VWOs who have hosted them throughout the series. After the Finale, the total scores are tabulated, and the team with more points is Singapore’s next Social Warriors!