Nick Saraf’s Food Log

Nick Saraf’s Food Log has our quirky chef Nick, take you on a culinary journey across the globe! These recipes will make you dust that apron and get your hands dirty, because who doesn’t love to show off their cooking skills and more importantly dig into some scrumptious dishes.


Genre: Lifestyle, Food, Cooking Show
Language: English
Year: 2017
Duration: 41 Episodes x 5 – 15 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: South East Asia & Canada
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Rajshri Entertainment Pte Ltd

Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Chicken Stroganoff
Learn how to make Chicken Stroganoff at home with our chef, Nick Saraf. Stroganoff is often made with strips of chicken breast and combined with rice. It taste amazingly delicious.

Episode 2: How to Make Burrito
Call it Burrrritttooo or Burrito it tastes amazing both ways! So make one for yourself with the help of chef Nick Saraf

Episode 3: Chicken Parmesan Recipe
Mouthwatering and delectable is today’s recipe, a New York favourite, Chicken Parmesan. With Chef Nick Saraf, learn how to make Chicken Parmesan at home

Episode 4: How to Make Paella
Dine in Spanish style, with mouth watering combination of Rice, Prawns, Basa Fish, Pork & chicken popularly know as Paella. So with Chef Nick Saraf make yummy & delicious Paella

Episode 5: How to Make Chocolate Chip Biscuits
Treat yourself to homemade Chocolate chip biscuits. Easy to make and sinfully sweet. So go ahead and make yummylicious Chocolate chip biscuits with Chef Nick Saraf

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