Tales of 2 Cities

TALES OF 2 CITIES provides an insight into the lives of Singaporeans who choose to live in another country as well as the  flip-side of this – the lives of people from that country who have migrated to Singapore!  One leaves, the other arrives!

Find out how they each adapt to their new environment, calling a different country their home while staying rooted to their origins.


Genre: Factual,Culture
Language: English
Year: 2015

Duration: 12 Episodes  x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: SEA, New Zealand & Australia
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Xtreme Media


Episode 1 – Nepal
In this episode, Singaporean Caroline Wong Shrestha offers us an insight into her life with her Nepalese husband in Kathmandu, Nepal, while Ran Rana, a Nepalese who has lived in Singapore for 31 years, tells us how he has fully assimilated into the life in Singapore with his close-knit Nepalese community.

Episode 2 – Ghana
Singaporean Esther Yap moved to Ghana to work as an intern in 2010. Four years later, she has a full-time job and is living the expatriate life in the West African country. Meanwhile, Ghanaian Sabina Yuen moved to Singapore with her Singaporean husband in 2006. She shows how she retains her Ghanaian roots despite living so far away from home.

Episode 3 – Sweden
Singaporean industrial designer, Amelia, and Swedish artist, Ingela, bring us on their respective adventures in Stockholm and Singapore. Pursuing their creative passions, Amelia unveils her adventurous “tomboy” streak, and Ingela shows us how she makes a living from “playing” with food. Hunting for mushrooms in the Swedish woods… setting sail in the Stockholm Archipelago… and celebrating Christmas Scandinavian-style on the little mount of Pasir Panjang… both ladies show us how they work and play!

Episode 4 – Bhutan
After working in cosmopolitan cities of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Singaporean chef, Andri Jamil moved to the happiest country in the world, Bhutan. At the picturesque Punakha Valley, Andri helms the kitchen of one of the luxury resorts located on the mountain of the Himalayan Kingdom. Meanwhile, a native of Bhutan, Yeshey Choden, came to Singapore to study civil engineering. Yehsey soon falls in love with what the tropical island-state has to offer.

Episode 5 – Iceland
Singaporean Nura Rashid journeyed halfway across the world to Iceland to build a family with her Icelandic husband and their 2 daughters. A pre-school teacher and a breast cancer survivor, Nura understands the challenges of living abroad and is passionate about providing a safe haven among women from foreign origins. Over in Singapore, Icelandic jewellery designer, Kristín Maríella makes Singapore home with her Icelandic husband and their newborn baby. Together with the Icelandic community in Singapore, they reminisce about midwinter traditions from their homeland. Kristín’s avant-garde necklaces also make their debut appearance on the F1 fashion runway.

Episode 6 – Turkey
In 2010, 34 years old Singaporean Marianna Ahmad packed her bag and travelled to Europe, in search of a new home. She settled in Istanbul, Turkey and has never looked back. In the old city of Istanbul, Mariana learns how to make baklava, her favourite Turkish dessert. She then takes a belly dance class from Turkey’s most popular belly dancer, Asena. To unwind, she and her best friend visit the iconic Turkish bathhouse Hamam. Meanwhile in Singapore, 25 years old Mehmet Erdogen is a software engineer from Turkey. In his beloved adopted city, Mehmet shows us how he stays in touch with his Turkish roots by taking part in the cultural activities at the Turkish Cultural Centre.

Episode 7 – Laos
In 2007, 35-year-old Jeremy Choong moved from Singapore to Vientiane, Laos, the nation’s commercial hub. First, he heads to the local market to shop for the produce in preparation for dinner. Jeremy is the co-owner and operator of The Boss Café – a local restaurant that serves Singaporean delicacies. The next day, he is reunited with his parents who flew in from Singapore and they visit the great stupa in Laos, Pha That Luang. Meanwhile, in Singapore, 27-year-old Sanva Saephan just published a book. Sanva documented his experience of growing up in Laos and later, as a refugee in Thailand in the book. His cousin, Muang, visits him in Singapore and they go marketing in Golden Mile Complex for Laotian ingredients. Sanva then heads home to cook a Laotian meal for his friends in Singapore.

Episode 8 – Peru
In 2008, Singaporean Andrew Teoh left his civil engineering job in Singapore for Lima, Peru, in search of a larger calling. While serving the community as a Christian missionary, he also finds joy in teaching Peruvian children Singapore mathematics. To showcase the city of Lima, he paraglides in the city centre. For shopping, he takes us to his secret spot in Chinatown. Over in Singapore, Peruvian chef Daniel Chavez, the owner of Ola Restaurant, is the culinary ambassador for the Peruvian cuisine in the island city. He shows us how he makes the iconic Peruvian dish, ceviche, and Pisco Sour – the national drink of Peru.

Episode 9 – Brazil
18-year-old Singaporean footballer Mahathir Azeman lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was talent scouted by a Brazilian coach in Singapore when he was studying in Siglap Secondary School. He now plays for Rio de Janeiro’s prestigious Boavista Sport Club, and the international football club is grooming him to be world class. Meanwhile, in Singapore, Brazilian Ricardo Beninatto has made the Lion City his home in the last four years. He lives a happy life with his wife and two children. Ricardo is an economist, he believes that Singapore is the right market to grow his career.

Episode 10 – Myanmar
Singaporean Yingzhen moved to Myanmar to start a cafe with her Burmese husband. Join her as she immerses herself in the culture -visiting Shwedagon Pagoda, wearing the traditional longyi, even trying out the delicacy wet tha dote dtoe! In Singapore, writer-filmmaker Adam gets a taste of home by visiting both a Burmese food stall and a convenience store -all in the HDB heartlands! How do these two individuals adapt to their new abodes, and what surprises lie in store for them?

Episode 11 – Mongolia
The sense of freedom and the wide open spaces drew Singaporean Tan Yee Ling to Mongolia in 2005. Above and beyond her love for the landscape and culture, is her heart of compassion for its people. Ever since she founded her NGO Shimelgaram in 2009, Yee Ling has been calling on needy families in the Ger district and providing support to various NGOs. We also catch a glimpse of her winter pastime when she takes us on a countryside adventure. Over in Singapore, Mongolian Zaya shares an art form that is nationally respected in her homeland – contortion. As the manager of the contortion troupe, she brings us behind-the-scenes to experience the painstaking efforts and sweat that goes behind every act.

Episode 12 – Timor Leste
Timorese Elisabeth Do Rosario Vicente came to Singapore to study at UWCSEA. Singaporean lawyer Jonathan Lim moved to Dili to helm operations at Wong Alliance Law Office, Timor-Leste. While Elisabeth shows us how friends have helped her settle into her new environment, Jonathan does the same when he invites friends over to his Dili home for a home-cooked meal. Elisabeth gives back to her adopted community by volunteering at a nursing home, and Jonathan gets a glimpse of Timor-Leste’s history when he visits Atauro Island. Finally, Elisabeth finds comfort in activities that remind her of home, and Jonathan helps two Portuguese lawyers settle in Dili by ensuring they feel at home.