INTERNS tells the story of Sarah Yusoff, a fresh graduate from fashion school, who gets an internship job with Roxanne’s Vintages and must quickly adapt to the cutthroat industry. Coming from a conservative family and unsure of herself, Sarah must quickly prove her worth to her colorful colleagues at the label to seal a permanent job at the end of the internship as a fashion designer. A job that would fulfill her dreams and help finance her two aged and retired parents. Throughout the series Sarah grows in confidence and truly becomes her own woman. At its core, the series is about learning to stick through to yourselves despite the ever-changing trends that life presents you with.

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Genre: Drama Series
Language: Malay with English subtitles
Year: 2014 & 2016

Duration: 16 Episodes x 60 Minutes (2 Seasons)
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD

Episodic Details


Episode 1
Sarah Yusoff, new intern at Roxanne’s Vintages, meets her compatriots Azee Rahim and Nadya Menon. With all three interns vying for a full-time position at the end of the internship, Sarah must prove her worth as she enters the cut throat environment. Meanwhile, Roxanne’s Vintages rival company Runway Rio, capitalizes on a mistake made by the interns and uses it against their company at a fashion pitch, leaving their showcase in jeopardy.

Episode 2
After being accepted into Fashion Week, the interns are tasked with the casting process for their photo spread. With Nadya’s help, a jobless Matt Rogers is hired as the campaign model without having to go through the casting process. She however forgets to cast a female mode and puts the blame on Sarah. Feeling the brunt of Coco’s wrath, Sarah takes a risk and hires someone unexpected for the role.

Episode 3
In order to salvage the company’s reputation after Coco fumbles at an interview, the interns must organize an industry mixer in just two days. Sarah invites freelance photographer Hilmi to the party, where he tries to get closer to her. Things however do not go according to plan when two brazen personalities show up uninvited and wreak havoc under Rio’s instructions.

Episode 4
Sarah finds herself the victim of internet trolling when scandalous photos of herself and Matt are circulated online. This coupled with the dilemma of finally finding out that her mother has been hospitalized, pushes her to the brink of breaking down. Together with Iffah and Hilmi, Sarah discovers that leak is the work of an insider within the company and has to find out who.

Episode 5
Being kicked out of Fashion Week causes serious repercussions to the company financially. In an attempt to boost the company’s sales, Azree proposes organizing a flea market. Roxanne and Coco’s relationship sours when Roxanne blames Coco for the company’s predicament. Outside of work, Azree faces turmoil back home and is forced to move out.

Episode 6
An opportunity arises when the interns discover a call for local designers to submit costume designs for Malaysian celebrity Miss Royaltee’s concert in Singapore. Coco agrees to let the inters lead the charge. Meanwhile, Nadya learns responsibility the hard way when her father cuts her off. To reciprocate Hilmi’s kindness, Azree plans a date for Hilmi and Sarah but the plan unfortunately falls through when Sarah receives a phone call from her…

Episode 7
Roxanne’s Vintages gets a second chance at Fashion Week however a power trip in the building causes them to lose their presentation materials just one hour before the meeting. The only back up is with Sarah who is stuck in the elevator with Matt. Unable to get through to Sarah, the team scrambles to put things together while Coco delays the arrival of the panelists. Meanwhile, Hilmi contemplates an overseas job offer.

Episode 8
Right at the company’s pivotal moment, Coco is hospitalized and Rio fashions a last ditch attempt to jeopardize them before Fashion Week. Despite the odds stacked against them, the interns scramble to pull off the show without their mentor’s guidance. Sarah learns that her mother has been keeping a secret from her. Azree desperately tries to find a place to stay after learning that Hilmi takes up the job offer.


Episode 1 – New Season, New Challenges
Sarah, Nadya and Azree are now seasoned Full-Timers, having been working a year at the now renamed and rebranded Roxanne & Coco Vintages (RCV). Coco is managing the Singapore office while Roxanne helms their KL branch, bringing with her Sulaiman and Alexis and gaining the new Full-Timers a promotion. Meanwhile, a big movie producer, Eddy, gives Coco and her team surprise – and a new styling project for Eddy’s new film.

Episode 2 – The Kids Are Alright
Nadya and Azree decide to play with the new interns and tells Sani and Tasya to do stocktaking and coffee orders. Their plan backfires as the interns restructure and reorder the designs in impeccable manner. Sarah finds out the Suhaila, her mum, is seeing someone from her help group and gets into an argument with her. The newly independent Nadya catches up with her friends and is pressured to shop, despite her struggling finances.

Episode 3 – Wan Dragon In The House
Azree comes out with a few styling ideas that would elevate the quality of the music video they are working on in promotion of the film and impress Wan Dragon, Eddy’s star. However, Wan Dragon insists that Nadya be on set to be advise, leaving Azree out. Nadya tries to apologize but a stubborn and ego trodden Azree creates tension between the two of them. Sani and Sani begin hanging out after work and Hilmi returns from his overseas job.

Episode 4 – This is Going To Be Awkward
Coco assigns Sarah to leads a magazine feature spread and everyone, except for Sarah, is pleasantly surprised to see Hilmi back in Singapore and shooting the collaterals. Things get awkward as Hilmi gets up to date with what’s happening with Sarah. Azree returns to the office after the shoot and realizes that Sarah has been staying back even when her work is done. Nadya overspends and reaches her credit limit, she stops eating at work because she is broke.

Episode 5 – It’s A Feature, Not A Sitcom
Azree tries to assert his authority in front of the interns but backfires when he incurs the wrath of Coco for making a wrong decision. Coco decides to call Rio and Rio agrees to help on the condition that he gets to attend the red carpet premiere. Noticing Azree’s flailing self- esteem, Coco takes a step back to motivate him. Meanwhile, Coco goes to the clinic and is informed that there is an anomaly in her blood test and that they need to check again with her condition.

Episode 6 – No Fashion, No Action
The movie is in production and Sarah is given the role head stylist on set for RCV’s clothes much to Azree’s disappointment. Rio visits the set and offers him a better opportunity at his label after noticing him playing second fiddle to the rest. The full-timers set up Eddy and Coco on a date and Nadya is at her wit’s end after seeing her overdue credit card bills.

Episode 7 – Red Carpet Treatment
The movie has wrapped and the red carpet premiere beckons. RCV is in a flurry of action preparing for it when Sarah notices that one of the designs have gone missing. As the evening draws to a close Eddy confesses his feelings for Coco only to be turned down. The full-timers celebrate after the red carpet premiere and Azree decides to tell them that he is tendering his resignation the next day.

Episode 8 – Runway? What Runway?
Someone has been leaking RCV designs to the media and Coco is adamant to find out the culprit. After overhearing a conversation between a magazine executive and Sani, Hilmi warns Sarah about Sani but it falls on deaf ears. Whilst scouting for the perfect location for their fashion show, Azree comes out with an out-of-the-box idea that impresses Coco and was a success. Determined not to give up, Eddy gives Coco one final surprise.