Tai Tai Berkecai

The Martins is one of the biggest established name in Singapore. Azlan Martins is known to be the most respectful man in the country, owning a stretch of shophouses at Arab Street, and having few restaurants and hotels under his company Aurora Group. The Martin Ladies, his wife, Farah Martins and his two daughters, Sarah Martins and Eva Martins, are well known for their lavish and glamorous lifestyles. In a blink of an eye, everything goes downhill for the Martins ladies, after the sudden loss of Azlan Martins. How would the ladies adapt to their situation from being the RICHES to RAGS? And will they ever earn back their riches?

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Genre: Drama Series
Language: Malay with English subtitles
Year: 2020

Duration: 8 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD

Episodic Details

Episode 1
While waiting for his wife, Farah, to reach at their dinner date, Azlan receives a bad text messages from his lawyer Hairi regarding his company, Aurora Group. Meanwhile Eva is hosting a party to celebrate her 150k followers on her social media account with her friends and her 3rd month-sary with her boyfriend.

Episode 2
After the sudden loss of Azlan, everything went downhill for the Martins Ladies. The ladies having to deal losing their family home as a mysterious woman named, Jules, has the full ownership of the house. While trying to help her mother, Sarah is finding loans online to raise funds for her studies.

Episode 3
Mak Mah and Pak Tam trying to adapt having the Martins Ladies living in their house despite the living constraint. Farid is annoyed at how messy the Martins Sisters are while staying in his room. Meanwhile, Jules is hosting a media conference to announce that she is the new CEO of Aurora Group.

Episode 4
Trying to fix her reputation on the social media, Eva post a live session on her account explaining on the last incident saying that it was a prank and showing off her new apartment. Farah is helping Mak Mah preparing dinner in the kitchen when she hears a knock at the door. She tends to the mailman.

Episode 5
Eva is strategizing an escape plan from Jay’s apartment, she is about to call help from her big sister, Sarah when she notices a note next to her purse with phone number on it. Pak Tam is getting ready to go to work, when Mak Mah keep nagging at him to rest at home if he is unwell.

Episode 6
In the middle of working, Farid picks up a phone call from Mak Mah informing him that Pak Tam has been admitted to the hospital. Upon hearing the news, he drops everything and rushes to the hospital. Following the Martins family, Sarah and Farah meets with Danial to discuss about their pro-bono case.

Episode 7
Eva goes and visit Alicia at the hospital to apologies to her, she informs Alicia that Jay and his friends have already been arrested by the police. In Danial’s Office, Sarah and Danial are working together on the agreed pro-bono case. Danial tells Sarah to get as much personal things as she can from Azlan’s laptop.

Episode 8
Danial, Sarah and Eva, Hairi and Jules are having an affidavit session for both parties to agree to proceed the matter to court. They are waiting for Farah but she has not appear. Farid meets up with Danial to explain everything and how he finds out about Azlan’s agreement with Jules.