A Literary Feast

《笔墨间的飨宴》呈现各地不同名著以及作家笔墨下所描绘的珍馐佳肴。在挑动观众味蕾的同时,探讨各地文学相关美食背后的人文故事与饮食 文化,进一步了解吃的艺术。

“A Literary Feast” features delectable dishes from renowned literary novels, and explores the hidden stories behind each dish. Discover the art of cuisine behind the traditional flavours of these impeccable legendary dishes.

Genre: Travelogue, Food, Culture
Language: Mandarin with English Subtitles
Year: 2019
Duration: 9 Episodes x 60 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Asia excluding Singapore
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co

Episodic Details

Episode 1- Shanghai, China:
文学是文化的保存,历史的记载。上海美食从古流传至今,已经不再纯粹是为了填饱肚子的粮食, 它也成了上海的印记。这一集,主持人杨君伟将遵循上海女作家张爱玲细腻的笔触,用书中的美食去感受旧上海的繁华,体验人生百味。

Literature often contains a rich archive of culture and history. Shanghainese cuisine has become integral to the city’s culture.  Host Danny Yeo explores renowned Shanghainese writer Zhang Ailing’s novels, and discovers the old city’s legacy and traditional flavours.

Episode 2- Seoul, South Korea:

In South Korean history, there is a pioneer female royal doctor called “Da Chang-Jin”, who created superb imperial cuisine for the king.  As host Michelle Chia savours the tales of Da Chang-Jin’s life, she discovers the delectable and nutritious tastes of these old royal recipes.

Episode 3- Shao Xing, China:

Shao Xing is literary great Lu Xun’s birthplace. His works contain faithful records of the city’s food culture, and reflect the customs of Shaoxing society. Host Youyi immerses herself into Lu Xun’s book, and explores the cultural nuances behind the culinary delights.

Episode 4- Shan Dong, China:

Shandong’s Liangshan was the setting for “The Water Margin” classic novel, which depicted the grand journey of 108 heroes. Host Danny Yeo immerses in this epic literary adventure and discovers the feasts and flavours penned in the novel.

Episode 5- Taiwan:

From creatively-styled dishes to simple delights found in Taiwan, Host Danny Yeo explores delectable food inspired by the works of four notable Taiwanese authors.

Episode 6- Yang Zhou, China:

One of China’s greatest classical novels, “Dream of the Red Chamber “ details the life and food of noble families. Host Danny Yeo visits Shanghai and Yangzhou to find a sumptuous feast inspired by this literature.

Episode 7- Hong Kong:

In the martial arts world of renowned novelist Jin Yong, not only are martial arts heroes awe-inspiring, but flavourful dishes also come to life. Host Michelle Chia visits Hong Kong to experience the taste of the unique cuisine favoured by our legendary heroes and their famous author.

Episode 8- Tokyo, Japan:

Be it comfort food found in comics or the nostalgic taste of old Tokyo, the underlying spirit of these dishes are vividly personified in renowned Japanese literature. Host Youyi travels to Japan to have a taste of the dishes from classical and contemporary Japanese culture.

Episode 9- Hong Kong:
道地的蛋挞,醇香的卤味、独特的甜点、麻辣的火锅,究竟哪一种滋味是香港作家笔墨间最让人回味的料理? 这一集,主持人谢韵仪探索了三位女作家笔下的香港美食,通过味觉去体会作家笔墨间所表达的情感。

From local egg tarts, braised delicacies to mala hotpot, which dish will leave a lasting impression? In this episode, Host Michelle Chia explores flavoursome dishes captured in the novels of 3 renowned female Hong Kong authors.