Crazy Candies

Marshyo works hard in the famous Bao House and enjoys a happy life with his friends in Candy Jar. He and his friends face all kinds of problems, but always solve them in a comical way with their optimism and braveness. While solving problems, they always ruin Mr.Seed’s seemingly flawless plans of treasure hunting by accident. Will Marshyo fulfill his dream to become the greatest dumpling chef? Let’s find out in Crazy Candies!



Genre: Kids Animation (4 – 8 years old)
Language: Mandarin & English versions available
Year: 2015 & 2017

Duration: 52 Episodes x 10 Minutes (S2) / 52 Episodes x 7 Minutes (S3)
Territory/Rights available: Thailand, Indonesia and India
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Winsing Animation