Don’t Try This At Home

Children are always asking questions as they are learning about the world. As they play and learn, there would be instances where they would be told to do things that they dislike, like having to eat their vegetables or restricted from doing things that seems to be fun, riding a bike but without a helmet. In this show, they will be able to see for themselves why they should or should not do things so that they can judge if their decision is a good one. They could do experiments at home with their parents or in a laboratory environment to make it more exciting for them.


Genre: Kids, Science, Educational, Entertainment
Language: English
Year: 2014
Duration: 8 Episodes  x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD

Nikki shows us why it’s always important to wear a helmet and Aiken puts things inside a microwave that do not belong there. Mr. Know It All is too busy playing with his phone to notice a street lamp that he runs into.

Nikki dissects batteries and we see how dangerous they can be! Aiken uses acetone on his assistant May Lin, the results are scary! Mr Know It All gets dizzy playing with his swivel chair.

Nikki test the power of sound by seeing how the ear drum really works. Aiken tries to use his inner opera singer to break glass. Mr Know It All is distracted by his loud headphones to see that a truck is coming while he tries to cross the road.

Nikki throws and kicks different types of balls in at objects inside the house. Aiken finds out how dangerous “Killa Litter” can be. Mr Know It All learns the hard way that leaving toys on the floor can be dangerous.

Nikki reenacts a tornado with fire! Aiken tries to find the danger in farting near a flame. Mr Know It All is dangerous with matches.

Nikki explains how your dangerous a blender can be to you and your toys. Aiken shows us how to do laundry. Mr Know It All eats too fast.

Nikki shows us that sunscreen can protect us from the sun. Aiken runs for shelter as he tries to escape lightening. Mr Know It All reminds us not to stand under trees in a lightening storm.

With the help of Killa Litta-man, Nikki shows us the dangers of running with scissors. Aiken sits way too close to the TV. Mr Know It All plays on an escalator.