Little Red Dot Detectives

Little Red Dot Detectives will discover interesting anecdotes about Singapore – from interesting people, historical sites to the social and cultural aspects of our tiny island.


Genre: Society / Culture / People (For older kids and family)
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2019

Duration: 13 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.


Episode 1 – Chinatown (牛车水)
Chinatown is Singapore’s largest historic district, embedded with traditional chinese culture. But did you know that the famous Thian Hock Keng temple once held the caligraphy bestowed by a Qing dynasty Emperor? What unique murals lies within the vicinity of ​​Chinatown? Let’s head down to Chinatown to explore!


Episode 2 – Toa Payoh (大巴窑)
Toa Payoh is a lively town loaded with amenities, but did you know, one of Singapore pioneer’s tombstone lies hidden in a forested area? You can also find a unique type of traditional food, Hainan Kueh! Come along with our Little Red Dot Detectives, on an exciting adventure in Toa Payoh!


Episode 3 – Kampong Glam (甘榜格南)
Kampong Glam has been a designated area for Arabs and Malays since the 19th century. However besides the mainstream attractions, there is a Vintage camera museum, a Malay calligrapher who specializes in chinese caligraphy, as well as Singapore’s first outdoor art gallery! Come along and discover the hidden beauty of Kampong Glam!


Episode 4 – Tiong Bahru (吉兰丹)
Tiong Bahru, is not only one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore, but also a district with many hidden secrets!Have you wondered where lies Tan Tock Seng or the air bomb shelter from World War II? Do you know how do Singapore’s first HDB flats built during colonial era look like? Come along with our hosts to uncover Tiong Bahru!


Episode 5 – Jurong (裕廊)
Jurong is not only an industrial area, but also a historical landmark with exciting developments! Besides the adventourous Science Center, there is also a 75 year old Dragon Kiln! Come along with our hosts and explore undiscovered secrets of Jurong!


Episode 6 – Little India (小印度)
In the lively ethnic district of Little India, you can immerse in the vibrant culture and array of activities! Visit the Indian Heritage Centre to learn about the history of early Indian immigrants who moved to Singapore, savour Indian snacks, learn to make a garland and get a Henna tattoo, all at Little India!

小印度是新加坡著名的印度人社区,在这川流不息的地区,有着琳琅满目的商品! 你可在印度文化遗产中心,了解小印度先祖移民的历史背景,尝一口甜腻的印度小吃,学习制作花环和做海娜手绘!让搜密主组员带领大家,一起揭开小印度的神秘面纱!

Episode 7 – Joo Chiat & Katong (如切和加东)
Joo Chiat and Katong are known for its rich Peranakan culture and heritage, however there are many unknown gems in this area! Do you know what has Joo Chiat’s old police transformed into? You can also discover a rainbow tree hidden in Katong Park! Come along with our hosts to uncover exciting secrets in Joo Chiat and Katong!


Episode 8 – Fort Canning (福康宁山)
Fort Canning is an iconic hilltop landmark that has undergone many of Singapore’s milestones. Besides a archaeological dig with artefacts from the 14th century, you can also savour a bowl of traditional Bak Kut Teh! Come along on an exciting adventure at Fort Canning!


Episode 9 – Queenstown (女皇镇)
Queenstown is Singapore’s first satellite town. Did you know? The ‘Butterfly Block’ is the first curved-shape block built by HDB. 44-year-old Queenstown library is also Singapore’s oldest library! Come along with our detectives to discover the secrets of Queenstown!


Episode 10 – Yishun & Sembawang (义顺和三巴旺)
Did you know? Yishun was previously known as Chye Kay Village, besides historical traces of the village, you could also explore Singapore’s only Turtle and Tortoise Museum! In 1930s, Sembawang used to be British Empire’s naval base, come along with our hosts to uncover unexpected finds in this area!

你知道吗?义顺新镇的前身叫“财启村”,而大牌 101是义顺新镇的第一栋组屋。以前的黄梨山,现在变成户外乐园,还有世界唯一的活龟博物馆。三巴旺曾经是英国皇家的军事重地,著名的地标除了英殖民地时期留下来的黑白屋,还有售卖手工糕饼的传统饼家。

Episode 11 – Tampines & Pasir Ris (淡滨尼 和巴西立)
Tampines is the third largest New Town in Singapore. Besides the fruit-themed playgrounds, there is also an organic garden that recycles food waste! Also, you can relieve nostalgic childhood memories of Longkang fishing and ride on horses at Pasir Ris!

淡滨尼是新加坡第三大的组屋区之一。这里有水果主题设计的游乐场,还有“复古电视墙” 设计的组屋,还有一个环保社区花园!两位搜密组员除了在巴西立找到一座长达170公尺长的红桥,也 尝试1960年代热门的活动“水沟捞鱼”!探索淡滨尼和巴西立地区有趣的人、事、物!

Episode 12 – Bukit Timah (武吉知马)
Bukit Timah Hill is Singapore’s biggest tropical rainforest and has a variety of plants, you can even find an Aquaponics farm in the area! The Botanic Gardens is also Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. Come along with our detectives and explore Bukit Timah!


Episode 13 – Bedok & East Coast (勿洛和东海岸)
At Bedok and East Coast, the hosts go beyond the ordinary and explore quirky places, from a traditional Nanyang Soy Sauce Boutique to a fascinating Ant Exhibition! Come along to discover an exciting Bedok and East Coast adventure!