The Chinese Footprint

In THE CHINESE FOOTPRINT, discover little-known communities with Chinese migrant origins.  Some are distant from their Chinese roots; others retain an unmistakable essence.  As we enter these exotic, remote lands and war-stricken locales, we immerse deeply into the people’s lives and legacies.

自古以来,华人便因各种缘由,离家远航至世界各地。 海水到处有华人,只要有阳光的地方,就可以找到华人的踪迹。本系列将聚焦华人移居的冷门目的地或特色华人群体,循着这些远方华人的蛛丝马迹,揭开他们在特殊的异国风情下,精彩的生命故事。


Genre: Society & Culture
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2020 & 2023

Duration: 5 Episodes x 60 Minutes (S1) / 9 Episodes x 60 Minutes (S2)
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide (Excluding Singapore)
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.


Episode 1 – Christmas Island (圣诞岛)
Christmas Island, a mere 135 km2 area in the Indian Ocean, used to boast an abundance in phosphate minerals which sustained many Chinese families there.  Now, they can no longer rely on it and some seek better livelihoods overseas. What is the future of Christmas Island? Who will choose to stay?

圣诞岛,印度洋上的一个小岛,面积只有135平方公里。 丰富的磷酸盐矿产,孕育了当地无数的华人家庭,但如今岛民无法仅仰赖它,必须要到外开创更多的出路。圣诞岛的未来会是怎么样?岛上的华人还愿意继续留下来吗?

Episode 2 – Fiji (斐济)
Located at the crossroads of the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is made up of 332 islands. It is a multi-ethnic country with different cultures. In 2017, Fiji was picked as the happiest country in the world. So, has the Chinese here found their paradise ever since they chose to migrate to Fiji?


Episode 3 – Jordan (约旦)
Jordan is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It’s not the usual migration spot for most Chinese. But its stability has attracted a number of them to live and sow their roots there, and work in its clothing manufacturing, Chinese restaurants and other industries.


Episode 4 – Malaysia, Kelantan (吉兰丹)
In Kelantan, there is a minority group of Peranakan Chinese. They are distinctly different from the Baba Nyonya in their origins, language, culture, and lifestyle. They are called Cina Kampung or the Kampong Chinese, and are the descendants of intermarriages between the Chinese and Siamese people

数百年的多元族群混居,孕育出吉兰丹土生华人这个独特的少数族群。他们不管是血统、语言、文化、生活方式,都和大家熟悉的峇峇娘惹截然不同。他们是华人和暹罗人通婚的后代,被称作Cina Kampung,甘榜华人。

Episode 5 – Myanmar, Lashio (缅甸腊戌)
Lashio, Myanmar is steeped in Chinese culture. These locals with Chinese origins speak and read Chinese and celebrate traditional Chinese festivals.  But they do not see themselves as Chinese, referring to themselves as Kokangese. What are the characteristics of their traditional culture and way of life?