Little Achievers

简介:《小不点,大改造 》通过有趣的生活体验,让小朋友有机会直接面对自身的恐惧或弱点,挑战自我,克服障碍,成为一个更好的自己! 每一集的节目,我们会邀请一对孩子与家长上节目,请家长点出孩子的一些坏习惯或他们想要孩子克服的心里恐惧。节目制作组会针对问题策划一项挑战给孩子,希望通过挑战,让小朋友可以离开自己的舒适圈,改变自己!

Synopsis: In Little Achievers, kids conquer their fears and weaknesses, becoming the hero of their own story!  Accompanying them on this adventure, are parents who’ll first reveal an undesirable trait of their child.  We’ll devise challenges to help the child face up to the issue, and become a better person!


Genre: Kids, Learning, Info-tainment
Language: Chinese with English Scripts Available
Year: 2018
Duration: 13 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Platforms: All
Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Episodic Details

Episode 1- 许宇瑄 Chervy:

Chervy is “addicted” to online surfing, neglecting more important matters at hand. Her parents thought that giving her the freedom will be a way to educate her on time management but it seems to have backfired! In this episode, we will share about cyber security with our young audience. Let’s learn together!

Episode 2- 杨凯雯 Anette:

Talkative Anette is giving her parents headache as she is always talking and interrupting conversations. This happens even in school, and her parents receive frequent phone calls from her teacher. Vivian creates a few tasks which challenge her concentration and also how to speak skilfully. Let’s see how Anette will tackle these tasks!

Episode 3- 许晋榤 Royston:

Royston is a boy who lacks creativity and is unable to express himself. Furthermore, he is impatient! How will the challenges tackle all these? Under the guidance of our special guest, will he learn to be more patient and unearth his creativity at the end of the day? This is an episode not to be missed!

Episode 4- 罗得政 De Zheng:

De Zheng is often distracted and has a lack of interest in doing his homework, leading to frequent late assignment submissions. In this episode, he takes on challenges to increase his ability to focus. Also, under the guidance of former martial arts national athlete, he will learn about the disciplined nature of the sport, hopefully applying it to other areas in life.

Episode 5- 胡瑞盈 Ayumi:

Ayumi has lacking self-confidence and a proper Chinese learning environment. Kate puts her in good hands of a drama coach. who will introduce acting as a way to pick up Chinese and to express herself more confidently. You will not want to miss Ayumi’s great transformation!

Episode 6- 陈益帆 Alton:

Picky eating, especially vegetables, is a common issue among children; Alton is no exception. Ben has prepared three challenges, from eating veggies with a blindfold, day trip at the vegetable farm and personally cooking vegetables; will Alton be able to rise to the challenge? Will he be less picky of vegetables?

Episode 7- Celine:

Due to Celine’s poor posture, she gives others the impression of being lazy, often misunderstood by teachers that she is not concentrating in class. Ben brings her to meet with a therapist, who shares about the importance of core muscles. She also learns the proper way to stand and sit. Will she be up for the task?

Episode 8- 陈邦隆 Jefferson:

Celebrity mother and her son come on board this episode! Joey Swee’s son is an active boy who often ends up in an unkempt state and does not know how to keep himself clean. He undergoes some challenges to understand how to maintain cleanliness and also learn basic dining etiquette from an expert. Will he succeed in this mission? Let’s find out!

Episode 9- 蓝恺祈 Joel:

Lina Ng joins this episode with her beloved son Joel! Mama Ng is concerned with Joel’s lack of understanding to manage his pocket money. Host Ben decides to let Joel experience a day of working for his pocket money, and learn of its ups and downs. His pay becomes his budget for planning a family Christmas party, in hopes of teaching him about planning and budgeting!

Episode 10- Kerrissa:

Kerrissa is a timid child. Her mother is afraid that she might not be able to communicate with her peers when she enters primary school; affecting her studies. Ben plans 2 challenges for Kerrissa in hope of boosting her courage. Will Kerrissa succeed in the challenges, becoming a brave young lady?

Episode 11- Nico:

Nico often quarrels with his sister! A massive problem at home, his mother deems it’s time for them to kick the habit! His sister looks up to him, though Nico thinks otherwise. What has Kate planned for the two of them to learn to get along? Will they show sibling love to one another instead, putting an end to their squabbling nature?

Episode 12- Javis:

Javis is a forgetful child. Despite repeated reminders from his parents, his bad habit remains; frequently misplacing his personal bottles and stationery. Kate lets Javis go through various brainstorming activities, and gets experts to teach him simple yet practical methods to remember the positions of his belongings. Through these lessons, will Javis’ memory see great improvement?

Episode 13- Reine:

Reine has poor handwriting, much to the dismay of her mother, so her mother seeks Kate’s help! Is tidiness in handwriting related to a child’s motor skills? Kate approaches two teachers and organizes interesting activities to aid Reine in improving her handwriting. Would Kate’s plan succeed?