Busy Bodies

Meet the ​Busy Bodies! ​Our fearless trio Med, Evie and Aidan are on a mission to uncover the weird and wonderful world of the Human Body! Why do farts smell so awful? Are germs really bad? Is blood just an icky liquid? Each episode uncovers the ​real​ answers to those mysterious questions that we all have…but were too scared to ask! Get ready – it’s going to get messy!



Genre: Kids / Educational Entertainment
Language: English
Year: 2021
Duration: 12 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Open Wide
Med has a date but there’s one BIG problem… he has BAD breath! It’s now up to Aidan and Evie to find out what happened and help Med improve his oral habits! They uncover a secret about the human tongue that puts Med’s tastebuds to the test! Will he be brave enough to take on the Operation Firestorm spicy challenge?

Episode 2 – Farts & Burps
Aidan has a rumbling tummy and can’t stop himself from releasing gas – lots of it! Before the team chokes on the smell, Med comes to the rescue and takes the kids down into the digestive system to uncover the clues behind Aidan’s smelly and gassy problem. What they find may surprise you!

Episode 3 – Aye Aye Sir
Evie learns that she is short-sighted! But she refuses to admit it! It’s up to Med and Aidan to persuade her to fix her myopic problem with glasses. However, the Busy Bodies must first explore how the eye works, and why things look fuzzy to us. Is seeing believing? They take a field trip to learn how our eyes can play tricks on us!

Episode 4 – Frightening Fluids
It’s time to get icky and wet as the Busy Bodies explore the role of BLOOD! Meet the terrifying bloodsuckers in our midst! Find out why our bodies and other living things need this special liquid to survive! Try our experiments to create some frightening fluids! Then, when an accident happens – Aidan and Evie learn quick life-saving skills when it comes to treating cuts and wounds.

Episode 5 – Sleepyhead
Yawn! Aidan is struggling to stay awake in the daytime, and is falling asleep everywhere! Med and Evie must get to the bottom of this and uncover why sleep is important for all of us. Why do we dream and what really happens in our brain when we are asleep? What is the sleepy secret that Aidan’s hiding?

Episode 6 – Speed & Strength
Evie is on a mission to be the best runner in her school! However Med and Aidan aren’t quite up for this task. Evie decides to bring in a pro coach to whip them all into shape…but will the boys get stronger and faster? In another fitness adventure, the Busy Bodies visit a Muay Thai gym to work on their punching and kicking skills. Hopefully, no-one gets hurt!

Episode 7 – Growing Up
The Busy Bodies explore BONES – the skeletal structure that holds up our body and muscles. How do they help us grow? And how do we keep them hard enough to protect our inner organs? With Med’s pal Johnny the skeleton, the three find out what bones are made of! Plus – what other changes will happen when Aidan and Evie reach puberty?

Episode 8 – Skin
Itch Itch Itchy! Aidan and Evie get bitten by bugs, and they’re suffering in agony! Med tries his best to be helpful…well, kind of. Plus – ever wondered why our skin turns purple after we bump into objects? Accident prone Aidan finds out the hard way after crashing indoors. With Bruce the bruise on his head, it’s up to Med and Evie to find out the strange workings of how our skin does more than just look good…

Episode 9 – Sweaty & Smelly
Med and Evie dance off against one another, but there is one problem! B.O. or Body Odour! All that sweating from jumping and moving around has left Med smelling stinky. He’s not the only one with a problem though. Aidan has a secret smell he’s trying to hide too. It’s time for the team to get to the root of what’s going on, and why sweating and smelling are critical for our survival!

Episode 10 – Can You Hear Me?
Everything sounds muddled! Aidan is struggling to hear anything when Med and Evie are speaking to him. They decide to bring Aidan for a hearing test and dive deep into the inner workings of the human ear. What could be causing this mysterious malady? Our Busy Bodies learn how sound works, and gain some vital tips on how to protect our ears and prevent hearing loss.

Episode 11 – Germ Warfare
The Busy Bodies go to war with some tiny enemies: Viruses and Bacteria! Surprisingly, they also learn that not all bacteria make us sick. There are good microbes out there that actually protect us as well. But who are the good guys and who are the bad? And how are sneaky viruses like Covid-19 different from bad bacteria? Strap up as we shrink down to the molecular level to investigate!

Episode 12 – Scary Happy
Save me!!! Evie freaks out unexpectedly when Aidan pranks her, to reveal a strange secret fear. To help her, our Busy Bodies must tackle the world of phobias and find out what makes them all afraid! Along the way, they explore what really happens to our bodies when we panic! And – just how does fear control us? The Busy Bodies will rise to the challenge and find out!