Knockout Carnival

KNOCKOUT: CARNIVAL is a magazine styled programme that aims to provide a fun and festive feeling to the arts, featuring the happenings in the arts scene, profiling key artists and presenting arts information in an entertaining format. Get your weekly dose of art, only on KNOCKOUT: CARNIVAL!


Genre: Kids, Youth, Reality/Arts Info-Ed

Language: English

Year: 2013-2015

Duration: 96 eps x 30 minutes

Territory/Rights Available: Worldwide (except Singapore Terrestrial)

Formats Available: Yes

Show Format: HD

Produced By: Hoods Inc. Productions

Client: Mediacorp okto (Singapore Terrestrial)

Key Highlights:

Fortunetelling tent: where we talk about the latest arts happenings, a ferris wheel that doubles as a tool to select challenges that is held in the Ring of Fire and a strongman hammer, which is used to highlight the different art forms featured in the opening links

2D animation: 6 hosts performing the sketch of the day through a fun and vibrant animated sequence in the simple style of South Park to engage kids and adults alike. Apart from a refreshing start to the show, it will also feature the animation works of students from Polys, Universities and institutions like DigiPen, whose students will be credited at the end of the episode.

Short segments: Arts-Busters, where our hosts test key arts theories (like can operatic singing really shatter glass, is finger painting therapeutic, how closely does Indian dance mimic the movements of a flame etc), the ABCs of Art hosted by Ooboo and Booboo who give us weekly tips on how to get involved (and engaged) in art, Back To School, where we cover the goings-on in schools arts based events (from Primary to Tertiary), Everyday Art, where the hosts give viewers lessons on how to make useful arts tools with simple household objects, Art Attack, where we showcase footage of budding young artists and performers in Singapore and The Crystal Ball.

Profiled mentor will teach very specific steps within an art form (something only they specialize in or the specific art form they are known for) and our hosts battle it out in either a Gender War or Battle of the Generations, with a new ‘kid’ challenger from the public introduced every week. This is to continue Knockout’s engagement of the youth in all arts genres, whilst maintaining the arts for the masses approach.