City Buskers

Long have buskers been shuffled off to the sides of the streets, along the pavements, trying to create that beautiful symphony of notes only to fade away in the noise of the crowd. Not anymore. In CITY BUSKERS, Singaporean musicians are going to get the chance to prove themselves to the world.


Genre: Lifestyle, Documentary, Travel, Music
Language: English
Year: 2015

Duration: 8 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Verite Productions & Third Floor Pictures


Episode 1- Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is famed for its robust music industry and vibrant street performances. The City Buskers experience this first hand as they meet popular musicians. Inspired by the sights, the people they meet and sounds of KL they compose their ode to the city fittingly called “Mesmerise”.

Episode 2- Bangkok
The City Buskers meet popular pop band Somkiat in Bangkok and join them at their gig. Serena, the percussionist ventures out on her own in search of ‘Art’ a 10-year-old busker and strikes a deal to busk with him, while Din struggles to get his hands around the Saw U, a Thai traditional instrument.

Episode 3- Ho Chi Minh City
Saigon welcomes the City Buskers and promises them a whole new experience. The team meets The Wanderlusters, an American blues and country band; and busk with Ho Chi Minh City’s Hala Band. They also learn that in HCMC buskers make money not from their talent but by selling candy.

Episode 4- Manila
As the City Buskers continue their journey to Manila, they meet and busk with Joobalt, an amazing paralytic musician who overcame the effects of an unfortunate accident through his love for music. As they compose their Ode to Manila they are amazed at the sheer musicianship of Manila’s buskers!

Episode 5- Taipei
In Taipei, the City Buskers meet with an acapella band and iron out the logistics to busk with the vocals-only group on the streets of Taipei. Fifi has an idea with the cellist he meets and discusses with the team about composing a song incorporating the cello.

Episode 6- Beijing
The City Buskers arrive in Beijing at one of its coldest points of the year! The challenges are stacked for the team from sunny Singapore as they plan their busking sessions indoors, safe from freezing temperatures. They chance upon a band busking in an underpass tunnel and perform with them.

Episode 7- Seoul
The City Buskers surf the wave of K-POP on their next stop. From street musicians and busking sessions at Seoul’s street music capital Hongdae, and meeting and jamming with Chilli Music’s upcoming all-girl band Butterfly, the city buskers have found a lot of inspiration for their Ode to Seoul.

Episode 8- Singapore
As the journey comes one full circle, the team comes home to Singapore. Inspired by SG50, they compose a song dedicated to their “home”. They have 8 original songs under their belt now – and here comes the big question: will they manage to strike an album deal with a music producer?