Off The Path

Lawyer. Doctor. These were the jobs that filled children with ambition. Today, professionals are blazing headlines in new fields. What is a handwriting expert? How do you make a living out of playing video games? Off The Path explores some of the most fascinating and unconventional jobs today.


Genre: Factual, People & Culture
Language: Chinese
Year: 2013

Duration: 8 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide
Show Format: HD
Produced by: Filmat36

Episodic Details

Episode 1 – Entertainment Destinations – Theme Park Designer & Aquarist:
Septonius stepped out of his comfort zone of architecture to design gravity-defying roller coasters and theme parks. James gave up his stable banking income to look after fish and become a marine life expert. Discover what it means to break boundaries by not bowing down to social expectations.

Episode 2 – Trial & Error – Game Tester & Flavourist
Darren is a gaming nut who earns a living out of playing games to discover bugs. Jason blends his keen sense of taste and a fantastic memory to whip up flavours beyond your wildest imagination. Find out how these young professionals build a world of expertise out of tireless trial and error.

Episode 3 – Self vs Others – Digital Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneur
Stefan gave up his comfy job to build his own digital creative company. Pamela is a promising lawyer-to-be who gave up her career to help people from war-ravaged countries. Find out how these young entrepreneurs created opportunities in different ventures and built their own businesses out of it.

Episode 4 – Art of Decoding – IT Forensics Expert & Handwriting Expert
Sidao always wanted to be a cop. Today, he hacks computers to detect illegal activity. Chiew Yung wants the world to know that she does not analyse personality from handwriting. Instead, she detects fraud. Explore a world shrouded by mystery that tells right from wrong – behind closed doors.

Episode 5 – En Vogue – Fashion Entrepreneur & Pet Stylist
Chiew Ling built her own fashion brands outside of an established advertising career. Putting her troubled past behind her, Ashly found a new venture in life to make pets beautiful. Both women share their challenges and triumphs in pursuing their life passions.

Episode 6 – Wine & Dine – Private Chef & Miniature Food Sculptor
Jeremy broke out of the science lab to become a private chef. Jocelyn chanced upon a crafts shop that sold clay, and started to build her own career out of sculpting miniature food items. Witness the joys and pains of these fearless young people as they pursue paths never before trodden.

Episode 7 – Taking Directions – Life Coach & Dog Trainer
Kunqi has done many jobs but never found her true calling until she started helping others find theirs. Jasmine started out as an assistant but was groomed to become a dog trainer after her boss noticed her dedication. Explore how they found meaning in their lives out of helping others.

Episode 8 – Secrets to Success – Blogger & Adventure Facilitator
Grace was earning S$114K annually but she gave that up to become a full-time blogger. For 5 years, Joey has been conducting adventure learning programmes for working professionals. Find out how these young trendsetters build their careers through teaching others the secrets to success.