A Rookie & A Recipe

Each episode of A Rookie & A Recipe sees Singapore’s top maverick Chef – Bjorn Shen ‘lock up’ a local personality who has little cooking skills as they try to create a meal from scratch! The door to exit the camera-rigged kitchen will be locked until the time is up or the cooking challenge has been completed, whichever comes first. 

Our personality is not entirely alone though, Chef Bjorn will be ‘spying’ and secretly commenting on the rookie who’s trying to sort out what’s what. When the time is up and the kitchen door is being unlocked, Chef Bjorn comes out of hiding and tastes the meal together with our kitchen rookie and explains what went well or not! Our Rookie is a Dummy no more!

Kitchen lockdown has been activated. Instead of a world-class chef, let’s put a kitchen rookie to the test and find out what happens!



Genre: Food, Info-Education, Reality
Language: English
Year: 2020

Duration: 10 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Contact us for more details
Show Format: HD


Episode 1 – Xixi Lim
Singer, actor and model, there is nothing Xixi Lim can’t do, except for cooking! In a kitchen lockdown, Xixi has to prepare a Vietnamese Catfish Claypot from scratch only with the help of 2 lifelines while being observed by chef Bjorn Shen. With a few unexpected surprises from Chef Bjorn to keep Xixi from surrendering, what could possibly go wrong?

Episode 2 – Suthasini
Popular local singer and songwriter Suthasini knows how to rock a stage but when it comes to cooking though, she is a real rookie. So, what happens when chef Bjorn Shen challenges Suthasini to be locked up in his camera-rigged kitchen and prepare a Greek Cauliflower Stew and Lamb Souvlaki with only a recipe and 2 lifelines at hand?

Episode 3 – Gary Gan
Actor and model Gary Gan claims he learned to cook a decent meal when he was based in Hong Kong. At least, that’s what he wants chef Bjorn Shen to believe as he makes a Hong Kong-style Scallion & Ginger Crab with Spicy Noodles in a kitchen lockdown. But what happens when Gary realizes there is a live crab on the list and he can’t multi-task or follow any of the steps in the recipe?

Episode 4 – Aiman Haikal
Comedian and content creator Aiman Haikal is about to scream his lungs out when he has to make a Mexican Chicken Mole Fiesta from scratch. This rookie cook fear he may burn down chef Bjorn Shen’s kitchen but with only 1 recipe and 2 lifelines to see him through this seemingly tortuous endeavour, the real question is: will Aiman pass Chef Bjorn’s culinary test?

Episode 5 – Hans Ashrie
Producer, actor and former radio DJ Hans Ashrie goes suspiciously quiet when he is tasked to create an Italian Hunter-Style’ Chicken Cacciatore with Mashed Potatoes and Chef Bjorn has a few secret surprises up his sleeve to revive this rookie and get him to cook up a storm. Will chef Bjorn be able to fire up Hans Ashrie’s culinary lockdown adventure from his spy booth?

Episode 6 – Tasha Low
Former K-Pop idol Tasha Low is no stranger to fame and has launched a successful career on the local scene. But what will happen in this kitchen lockdown when chef Bjorn Shen presents Tasha a challenging recipe that has over 30 ingredients to make Spicy Korean Empanadas with Coleslaw Kimchi? Will her 2 lifelines come to her rescue and chef’s secret surprises keep Tasha from losing faith?

Episode 7 – Hazelle Teo
YES 933 Radio DJ Hazelle Teo has admitted to be an adventurous eater. But will she be adventurous enough to top off her irresistible Spicy Prawn Linguine with crickets as presented by Chef Bjorn Shen? Forgetting to turn off the heat is also an easy mistake to make for any rookie cook. Will Hazelle make a comeback and triumph or go down in kitchen lockdown history as ‘The One Who Got Burned’?

Episode 8 – Aaron Mossadeg
Actor and model Aaron Mossadeg has a rich heritage in his blood. Will he do right to his Anglo-Dutch and Arab heritage or make such a mess when making Dutch kibbeling’ and Middle-Eastern roasted vegetables that even Chef Bjorn is at a loss of words? We will find out if his lifelines managed to steer him to the right direction.

Episode 9 – Rishi Budhrani
Stand-up comedian Rishi Budhrani is no stranger to the kitchen to clean the dishes! When it comes to cooking, his wife, Sharul Channa, has forbidden him to take a step into her domain. So Rishi took the challenge to make a vegetarian Bhaji burger with mango lassi to get on his wife’s good side. Will he make a decent dish for his wife or will Chef Bjorn take matters into his own hand to save Rishi?

Episode 10 – Leon Lee
Actor and host Leon Lee knows how to entertain an audience with his performance on and off camera. Challenged to cook a Nyonya-style braised pork, will chef Bjorn Shen be able to prevent Leon’s kitchen disaster? Or will Leon’s two lifelines be of help when he is struggling to pick the correct ingredients?