Knockout All Star

3 Intense Challenges. 2 Artistic Teams. 1 Ultimate Star.

Two icons, Sheikh Haikel and Gurmit Singh, face off against each other in all things artistic – from ballet to rock music to graffiti, musicals, photography, cultural performances – no art form will be spared as they compete for ultimate arts supremacy. And they’re not alone. Set in the Knockout Universe (a specially designed warehouse space dedicated to KNOCKOUT: ALL STARS), armed with arts tools and 3 new weekly competitive young team-mates each, KNOCKOUT: ALL STARS features speed rounds, physical artistic obstacles and mystery challenges. Ooboo and Booboo (Vernetta Lopez) reprise their roles to bring you the facts, fallacies and foolishness about the arts.


 Genre: Kids, Youth, Reality/Arts Info-Ed

Language: English

Year: 2012-2013

Duration: 52 eps x 30 minutes

Territory/Rights Available: Worldwide (except Singapore Terrestrial)

Formats Available: Yes

Show Format: HD

Produced By: Hoods Inc. Productions

Client: Mediacorp okto (Singapore Terrestrial)

Key Points

  • Arts based sketch: this new sketch introduction is a presentation of the featured art form of the week.
  • Sneak Peek: Giving the audience a sneak peek into the art form and a teaser for the rest of the episode; Example–for an episode on ballet, the hosts will be in a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’
  • Q&A session where the hosts and Challengers ask the Mentor questions about their craft, upcoming performances/exhibitions and what more can be done to get the youth involved in that art form.
  • Mentors Challenge: Mentor then mentions the main steps for the art form, and for the revamp, they will also show those steps, to make it perfectly clear what each step entails. The teams will also be given a one minute lifeline, where they can call the Mentor for help at any point during their rehearsal. But it’s only one minute worth of help, so they’d better make it count.
  • Takeaway Lessons: Once the art work is done / performance is complete, the Mentor announces his/her decision and explains what they did well, what they did badly, how to improve etc