Challenge Accepted

Invited to train with National Athletes in sports such as MMA, Equestrian and Gymnastics, members of the public are pushed to their limit as they experience sports training at the highest level. Is the National Athletes’ passion and enthusiasm for their sport enough to spur these ordinary people on to achieve beyond their wildest dreams?



Genre: Factual, Sports
Language: English
Year: 2018

Duration: 10 x 60mins
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide available Q4 2018

Formats Available: No
Show Format: HD


Episode 1- Sailing

Episode 2- Rugby

Episode 3- Basketball

Episode 4- Gymnastics

Episode 5- Silat

Episode 6- Soccer

Episode 7- Dancesport

Episode 8- MMA

Episode 9- Water Polo

Episode 10- Equestrian