BESPOKE is a celebration of the industrial expertise that goes into mass-produced products as well as the specific skills that enable craftsmen to skilfully produce bespoke items. Hosted by Justin Bratton, BESPOKE features the engineering and the experts behind these products and pays tribute to their heritage.



Genre: Lifestyle, Travel, Culture
Language: English
Year: 2015

Duration: 8 Episodes x 30 Minutes
Territory/Rights available: Worldwide, except Asia, c/o Beyond
Formats Available: –
Show Format: HD
Produced by: The Moving Visuals Co.

Client: Okto Channel (Singapore Terrestrial)


Episode 1 – PENS (Japan)
Justin opens the series with a trip to Japan and a fascinating journey into the world of pen manufacturing. He visits the men behind Pilot’s world famous pens, meets one of Japan’s Master Pen Makers and even finds time to drop by a museum dedicated to this under-appreciated instrument.

Episode 2 – KNIVES (Japan)
Justin heads back to Japan but this time he’s exploring the country’s fascinating history with knives. He visits a knife manufacturer to learn about how they mass-produce high-quality kitchen knives but not only that – Justin also get a personalised knife from a Master Bladesmith in Osaka.

Episode 3 – JEANS (Bangkok)
This episode has Justin exploring the land of smiles – Bangkok. He dives into the strange old world of jeans manufacturing where he takes a look at a local Thai factory producing thousands of jeans a month. Along the way, Justin meets a jeans enthusiast and also gets a pair of bespoke jeans made by one of the country’s best denim masters.

Episode 4 – GUITARS (Japan)
Justin gets in tune with his musical side as he discovers just how guitars are mass-produced in Japan, but things get really interesting when he visits Malaysia and learns all about the creative bespoke guitars that can be built for musicians.

Episode 5 – SHOES (China)
China provides the background for Justin to get educated on the mass-production of shoes, but its back home in Singapore where he learns more about bespoke shoes and just how master shoemakers can craft a pair that fit him like a pair of socks.

Episode 6 – ARTS (China)
All art is bespoke. Right? Justin finds out that may not be the case. He gets his hands dirty learning from one of Singapore’s most talented painters and exercises his mind during an artistic discussion with another accomplished Singaporean painter. But China twists expectations when he visits a Dafen Village where unknown artists recreate masterpieces like human factories.

Episode 7 – CARS (Singapore)
People just love their vehicles but how far will they go to make it their own? Justin meets a motorcycle lover who also customises bikes for his clients and runs into a group of petrol heads that love their supercars. But the cherry on top is Bufori – a car company that makes bespoke cars for their well heeled clients.

Episode 8 – FURNITURE (China)
Justin explores just what makes bespoke furniture so different from its mass-made version. Most people are content with their mass-produced furniture, but Justin takes it a step further and has a bespoke stool made for him to see what really is the difference.